D3 “Big Pineapple”

D3 “Big Pineapple”
I found an interesting article on PC World about China doing their censorship thing again on Blizzards latest Diablo 3 game.
Concept art for Bungie's new game Destiny
Apparently when translated in Chinese, the phrase “Big Pineapple” sounds like “Da-Bo-Luo”.

I guess I’m not overly surprised that China is trying to keep their masses from a game about demons and such.. I mean, surely it will turn their citizens into devil worshipers just like us Americans right?

It apparently took six months just for Starcraft 2 to get to Chinese shelves, so how long will Diablo 3 take, if ever?

Savvy internet users have already been able to get their paws on some copies, and I’m sure they will continue to as well.

Maybe one day China’s government will realize that sheltering their people just makes them weak in the long run, but at this point I doubt it.