D3 what is Destiny?

D3 what is Destiny?
The setting of Destiny takes place hundreds of years in the future (naturally), where our technology has pushed us far enough to fully explore our solar system. Things were good, they called it a “Golden Age”.

All good things come to an end however, and something took us by surprise and just about destroyed us entirely.

An entity only known as The Traveler, a larger than life spherical ship of some kind, came to our rescue and sacrificed itself in order to save our existence. It’s been long enough that no one knows exactly how it happened, all they know is that human kind owes their lives to this Traveler.

The Traveler still sits there hovering above the earth, and the majority of survivors live in a city beneath the floating orb.

You play a Guardian of the city, with powers bestowed by the Traveler to protect the city. Naturally there are all sorts of enemies threatening the city, and it’s your job to see that human kind survives, and tries to get back to their former glory.

Don’t think that this will be a one-off game either. Destiny will be the first chapter in a long line of games built around this universe.