WOW Classic Balance Druid PVE Guides – 1

Balance Druid in WOW Classic can use Moonkin Form, has good armor and a Spell Crit aura that can gain teammates, but Balance Druid ranks very low in remote DPS, not only DPS is not high, MP consumption is large, and MP recovery It’s also very slow, so before you join a team event, you need to prepare a lot of MP potions, or find a Mage friend to provide some potion to restore MP.

Although Moonkin Form’s Druid has very useful Innervate and Rebirth skills, the problem is that Warlock and Mage’s DPS are far more than Balance Druid, and there is better battery life.

Therefore, players who plan to play Balance Druid need to be mentally prepared first. Because of the system mechanism setting, many people in Raid are not friendly to Druid, especially Balance Druid. This is not to say the relationship between players, but It means that you are very focused on attacking Boss, and you may still not be able to have a satisfactory DPS.

If you like a casual state, be sure to play a Balance Druid to participate in PVE, then you can continue to look down, I hope that the Guides shared under U4gm can help you.

PVE race selection and talent skills
Ethnic choice
Druid’s racial choice is very simple, only two, Horde – Tauren, Alliance – NightElf, when the decision of their own camp, the race is determined.

PVE talent skills

In Balance talent, you need to invest at least 35 points, 31 of which is for Moonkin Form. After all, your DPS is weak. If you don’t have the talent to increase your teammate Spell Crit, you will be less likely to participate in Raid.

Improved Starfire, Moongow, Revenge, Moonfury and Nature’s Grace are all a must, and Moonglow will save you a lot of MP and reduce the cost of healing spells.

In order to better endurance in long battles, the Reflection skills in Restoration talent also need to be activated, and Insect Swarm’s talent skills are limited in use. In 5 Dungeon, you can effectively reduce the monster attack Hit, reduce the tank or teammates. The pressure, but in Raid, the number of debuffs on a Boss is limited, and in many cases the head does not reserve a position for the Insect Swarm.

There is nothing worthy of the investment of Balance Druid in Feral Combat talent, which is why Balance Druid has a fixed talent selection in WOW Classic.

Attribute selection
In WOW Classic, Balance Druid’s attribute selection priorities are as follows:
Hit (before 16%)>Spell Crit>Spell Damage>Intellect>Spirit

In Raid, your spells have a 16% miss rate. To ensure that Hit targets are successful every time, you need to stack the Hit property to 16%, and the high Hit value will make your Entangling Roots functional. The key moments of skills will not be MISS.

Due to the two talents of Revenge and Nature’s Grace, Spell Crit’s revenue for Balance Druid has been improved a lot, second only to Hit.

The actual gain of spell damage is not as good as Hit and Spell Crit, but its advantage is that there is a lot of equipment to add this attribute, much more than the equipment to increase Hit and Spell Crit.

Finally, Spirit, due to the activation of the Reflection talent in the Restoration talent, Balance Druid can maintain 15% of the Spirit in the battle to restore the MP, improving some combat life.

Output Method
Balance Druid only uses one skill when it comes to single-target output — Starfire.

The only so-called “method”, in order to increase the battery life, you may use 6 or 5 Starfire (Starfire up to 7).

Insect Swarm and Moonfire are too low (which is true compared to Warlock’s DOT) and take up the target’s DEBUFF field. In team raid, these two skills are basically useless, and Wrath is better than Starfire. In terms of damage, Wrath is rarely considered for use in PVE. But in the case of large-scale AOE, Hurricane skills are still quite powerful.

Balance Druid doesn’t have the skills to make DPS break out, but it has some nice functional skills. For example, when the Priest MP is not enough, it is used by the therapist, and the situation is not good enough to try the emergency of the emergency, and the roots are very useful in the outdoor copy such as the ruins of Ahn’Qiraj.

In order to increase the life time of Balance Druid in combat, a large number of MP potions are necessary, and this means that Balance Druid needs a lot of Gold, U4gm suggests going to WOW Classic Gold Norway to find a cheap Gold.

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