WOW Classic Warlock PVE Properties and Equipment Selection – 2

In the previous article, U4gm introduced some of the properties and equipment of Warlock, but it is not very comprehensive. In today’s article, Warlock’s weapons and some better accessories and acquisition methods will be introduced.

Main hand weapon selection
Azuresong Mageblade
Main hand sword
64 – 140 damage speed 2.40
(DPS 42.5)
+12 Intellect
+7 Stamina
Durability 105 / 105
Requires level 60
Equip Increases your spell’s chance of a critical hit by 1%.
Equipment: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and spells, up to 40.
How to get it: Golemagg the Incinerator in Molten Core drops, the drop probability is 7.14%.

Goleman the Incinerator location

Sharpened Silithid Femur
Main hand sword
53.6 – 136.6 Damage Speed ​​2.30
(DPS 41.3)
+7 Intellect
+14 Stamina
Durability 105 / 105
Requires level 60
Equipment: High damage and healing effects caused by all spells and magic effects, up to 72 points.
Equip Increases your spell’s chance of a critical hit by 1%.
How to get it: Viscidus in Ahn’Qiraj drops, the drop probability is 14.29%.

Viscidus location

Wraith Blade
One-handed sword
38 – 109 Damage Speed ​​1.80
(DPS 40.8)
+10 Stamina
+8 Intellect
Durability 105 / 105
Requires level 60
Equipment: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and spells, up to 95.
Equip Increases your spell’s chance to hit the enemy by 1%.
Equip Increases your spell’s chance of a critical hit by 1%.
How to get it: Maexxna in Naxxramas drops, with a drop probability of 20%.

Maexxna location

Off-hand weapon selection
Jin’do’s Bag of Whammies
Deputy item
+11 Intellect
+8 Stamina
Requires level 60
Equipment: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and spells, up to 18.
Equip Increases your spell’s chance to hit the enemy by 1%.
How to get it: Zul’Gurub’s Jin’ do the Hexxer drops, with a drop probability of 17.35%.

Jin’do the Hexxer location.

In addition to Jin,’ do’s Bag of Whammies and Sapphiron’s Left Eye, there are, of course, other options, not to mention here, to improve the Hit property.

Without the Hit property, you can go to the Arena in Blackrock Depths to kill Ok’thor the Breaker. He will drop Ban’thok Sash and drop the probability by 35%.

Talisman of Ascendance
Use: The next five damage or healing spells you’ve cast in 20 sec can grant you a maximum of 40 damage bonus or a maximum of 75 points of healing bonus. This effect disappears when you cast six damage or healing spells, or the effect continues for 20 seconds. (1-minute cooling)
How to get it: The mission reward for Eastern Plaguelands.

Talisman of Ephemeral Power
Requires level 60
Use: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and spells, up to 175 points. The effect lasts for 15 seconds. (1.5 minutes cooling)
How to get it: Baron Geddon, Garr, Golemagg the Incinerator, Magmadar in Molten Core drop four drops, the probability of falling is 6.25%-7.14%.

Boss location:

In addition to the two accessories introduced above, there are other good accessories, which are not introduced one by one.

There is a lot of equipment about Warlock. U4gm will introduce it in other articles in detail and sell the cheap WOW Classic Gold Oceania. Players who need it should click on the link to buy it.

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WOW Classic Restoration Druid Raid Skill Analysis

Many people think that the function of Restoration Druid in Raid is to add BUFF, use activation and reincarnation, and then do not have to do anything else, waiting for the leader to allocate equipment occupation. U4gm strongly disagrees with this view. On the contrary, Restoration Druid is a very strong group therapy profession in the WOW Classic, a group with a lack of therapeutic skills.

The advantages and disadvantages of Restoration Druid in Raid:
Advantages: Strong group healing ability, compared with Priest’s Prayer of Healing, Holy Nova, and Shaman’s Chain Heal, Restoration Druid is not at a disadvantage in group therapy, even surpassing Shaman and Priest in situations where group therapy is under great pressure.

Disadvantages: The assisting ability is not as good as Shaman and Paladin, and the time to release the skills is longer than that of Priest, Shaman, and Paladin.

HPM = Healing Per Minute

HPS = Healing Per Second

Playing the hamster: The plug-in shows the blood volume of the team members. If the team member has less blood, click on which player to click and heal.

Excessive treatment: Your teammate 500/1000HP, your treatment has treated him 600 HP, and the extra 100 is an overdose.

Healing Touch:
Single-target treatment skills, HPS, and HPM’s highest single-target treatment skills in the absence of equipment and talent bonuses. The disadvantage is that the casting time is 0.5 seconds longer than the other single-target treatment skills of the other treatment professions, and it is the single-target treatment spell with the longest casting time. Although Healing Touch seems to be the best healing skill, because the casting time is 0.5 seconds slower than other occupations (17% slower), it is easy to be squeezed into overdose by other therapists during the battle.

Restoration Druid should be selected according to the needs of HPS, 4, 7, and 11 Healing Touch skills, in most cases using Level 2 or 3 Healing Touch to play the hamster, top Healing Touch for pre-reading treatment Treatment.

The treatment target is once every 3 seconds for 12 seconds, and the amount of recovery target HP is related to the skill level.

For a 12-second HOT, but a 15-second HOT to enjoy the full treatment bonus, in order to make Rejuvenation last 15 seconds, you must wear the Stormrage series of eight-piece suit to achieve the effect of rejuvenation treatment.

It is the highest continuous treatment skill of HPS and HPM without equipment and talent bonuses, and the treatment efficiency is higher than that of Priest.

The downside is that there is no way to control over-treatment, even if it is used on a tank, there is no guarantee that a treatment every 3 seconds is effective. However, in the case of the bats in Naxxramas, which overlaps the DOT aura, Rejuvenation can make Restoration Druid, the most therapeutic therapist. When the DOT stack is not high, use low-level Rejuvenation. After the DOT stack is raised, Use high-level Rejuvenation to keep enough MPs to extend the duration of the battle.

In general, Level 4 Rejuvenation is used as the primary healing skill, and Full Level Rejuvenation is used for tanks.

Restore target health and heal the target every 3 sec. And restore extra health in 21 seconds.

Single target treatment, providing a HOT for 21 seconds. This skill has a short cast time and does not change the cast time due to the skill level. Because it consumes MP very much, it is rarely used. When both Nature’s Swiftness and Swiftmend are cooled, it can be used as an emergency skill. It is necessary to specify that the direct treatment amount after the crit + the partial treatment amount of the HOT is lower than the full level. The amount of healing produced by Healing Touch should be used as little as possible or not.

Nature’s Swiftness:
After activation, your next spell with less than 10 seconds cast time becomes an instant spell. The ability to save lives is generally tied to the top Healing Touch so that the top Healing Touch does not require casting time.

Rejuvenation or Regrowth effects on your target are converted to instant treatment, and the immediate treatment target is equivalent to a 12-second Rejuvenation treatment, or 15 seconds of Regrowth treatment.

In theory, it is the most cost-effective to release when Rejuvenation is less than 3 seconds, but in fact, it is used as a life-saving skill in many cases. It can only be said that the remaining time of Rejuvenation and Regrowth HOT can be considered.

Rejuvenation+Swiftmend’s cast range is short, used as an emergency skill, ranking before Regrowth.

The 60 version of Tranquility only treats the team. Although it is the signature skill of Restoration Druid, it is basically negligible because of its low efficiency.

About the treatment skills of Restoration Druid in Raid, U4gm is introduced here. To buy Classic WOW Europe Gold, please go to the U4gm.

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WOW Classic Balance Druid PVE Guides – 1

Balance Druid in WOW Classic can use Moonkin Form, has good armor and a Spell Crit aura that can gain teammates, but Balance Druid ranks very low in remote DPS, not only DPS is not high, MP consumption is large, and MP recovery It’s also very slow, so before you join a team event, you need to prepare a lot of MP potions, or find a Mage friend to provide some potion to restore MP.

Although Moonkin Form’s Druid has very useful Innervate and Rebirth skills, the problem is that Warlock and Mage’s DPS are far more than Balance Druid, and there is better battery life.

Therefore, players who plan to play Balance Druid need to be mentally prepared first. Because of the system mechanism setting, many people in Raid are not friendly to Druid, especially Balance Druid. This is not to say the relationship between players, but It means that you are very focused on attacking Boss, and you may still not be able to have a satisfactory DPS.

If you like a casual state, be sure to play a Balance Druid to participate in PVE, then you can continue to look down, I hope that the Guides shared under U4gm can help you.

PVE race selection and talent skills
Ethnic choice
Druid’s racial choice is very simple, only two, Horde – Tauren, Alliance – NightElf, when the decision of their own camp, the race is determined.

PVE talent skills

In Balance talent, you need to invest at least 35 points, 31 of which is for Moonkin Form. After all, your DPS is weak. If you don’t have the talent to increase your teammate Spell Crit, you will be less likely to participate in Raid.

Improved Starfire, Moongow, Revenge, Moonfury and Nature’s Grace are all a must, and Moonglow will save you a lot of MP and reduce the cost of healing spells.

In order to better endurance in long battles, the Reflection skills in Restoration talent also need to be activated, and Insect Swarm’s talent skills are limited in use. In 5 Dungeon, you can effectively reduce the monster attack Hit, reduce the tank or teammates. The pressure, but in Raid, the number of debuffs on a Boss is limited, and in many cases the head does not reserve a position for the Insect Swarm.

There is nothing worthy of the investment of Balance Druid in Feral Combat talent, which is why Balance Druid has a fixed talent selection in WOW Classic.

Attribute selection
In WOW Classic, Balance Druid’s attribute selection priorities are as follows:
Hit (before 16%)>Spell Crit>Spell Damage>Intellect>Spirit

In Raid, your spells have a 16% miss rate. To ensure that Hit targets are successful every time, you need to stack the Hit property to 16%, and the high Hit value will make your Entangling Roots functional. The key moments of skills will not be MISS.

Due to the two talents of Revenge and Nature’s Grace, Spell Crit’s revenue for Balance Druid has been improved a lot, second only to Hit.

The actual gain of spell damage is not as good as Hit and Spell Crit, but its advantage is that there is a lot of equipment to add this attribute, much more than the equipment to increase Hit and Spell Crit.

Finally, Spirit, due to the activation of the Reflection talent in the Restoration talent, Balance Druid can maintain 15% of the Spirit in the battle to restore the MP, improving some combat life.

Output Method
Balance Druid only uses one skill when it comes to single-target output — Starfire.

The only so-called “method”, in order to increase the battery life, you may use 6 or 5 Starfire (Starfire up to 7).

Insect Swarm and Moonfire are too low (which is true compared to Warlock’s DOT) and take up the target’s DEBUFF field. In team raid, these two skills are basically useless, and Wrath is better than Starfire. In terms of damage, Wrath is rarely considered for use in PVE. But in the case of large-scale AOE, Hurricane skills are still quite powerful.

Balance Druid doesn’t have the skills to make DPS break out, but it has some nice functional skills. For example, when the Priest MP is not enough, it is used by the therapist, and the situation is not good enough to try the emergency of the emergency, and the roots are very useful in the outdoor copy such as the ruins of Ahn’Qiraj.

In order to increase the life time of Balance Druid in combat, a large number of MP potions are necessary, and this means that Balance Druid needs a lot of Gold, U4gm suggests going to WOW Classic Gold Norway to find a cheap Gold.

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WOW Classic Horde Warlock Race Selection Guide

In WOW Classic, Horde Warlock has only two races, Orc and Undead, so U4gm can match the talents of these two races.

Orc’s racial talents include:
Toughness, Bloodrage, Axe Specialization, and increase pet damage. For Warlock, Axe Specialization and Bloodrage are completely useless talents. Warlock is not suitable for ax weapons. Bloodrage only improves melee attack and does not increase long-range damage. Therefore, bloody violent has no effect on Warlock. It will also reduce the amount of treatment received.

That being the case, then Orc’s racial talent for Warlock is only 5% of Toughness and pets. Toughness has a 25% chance to resist Rogue

The coma, when you are not lucky, this effect may not happen, but often as long as a resistance is produced, you can achieve the effect of changing the battle, and Warlock’s biggest natural enemy is Rogue, and according to the nostalgic settings The actual effect of Iron Grenade is ‘paralysis,’ but the ‘Stun’ mechanism used in calculating resistance further enhances the actual value of Orc’s racial talent. The 5% pet damage bonus is also a useful attribute.

Undead’s racial talents include:
‘Will of the Forsaken,’ ‘Cannibalize,’ ‘Water Breathing’ and ‘Shadow Resist’, for Warlock, ‘Water Breathing’ and ‘Shadow Resist’ doesn’t make much sense, so like Orc, there are two racial talents with income.

Needless to say, ‘Will of the Forsaken’ is Horde’s strongest PVP race talent, Immune Charm/Fear/Polymorph, which has a very good effect when playing against Warrior, Priest, and Warlock, and the talent of ‘Cannibalize’ Recovering total life every 2 seconds is worth 7% for 10 seconds. In the wild, it is also useful for Warlock, which saves potions.

It’s not hard to see from the above that Orc Warlock has an advantage in the face of Rogue. Undead Warlock has an advantage in facing Warrior, Priest, and Warlock. However, Orc’s racial talent not only resists Rogue’s sneak attack and Kidney Shot. It can also resist many ‘coma’ control such as Iron Grenade and Tidal Charm, and Rogue is still more from the current professional ratio of statistics, so from the perspective of PVP, Orc Warlock is stronger than Undead Warlock.

During the WOW Classic period, Warlock can’t summon companions in the dungeon. The collection stone at the Dungeon door can’t, so Warlock still has some demand in the market!

Soulstone+Healthstone+Blood Pact makes Warlock always have a certain position in Raid. However, the professional team will usually arrange for the replacement of Warlock at the Raid gate, which is specifically responsible for summoning companions.

Because everyone is no stranger to WOW Classic, PVP masters are very many, resulting in Warlock’s PVP experience is not good, although 1V1 is really powerful, no one likes Warlock 1V1, so you want to experience Warlock invincible PVP, please choose carefully, experience Not too good.

Professional characteristics:
Create Healthstone, Firestone, Spellstone, Soulstone.

The Warlock can make Healthstone, and HP is used after use, which is sugar. Spellstone and Firestone are deputy items, the former +1 Spell Crit

After use, dispel all magic effects + absorb 900 magic damage. The latter adds fuel damage after being equipped. Soulstone will allow you to resurrect after death.

Attribute requirements:
1 Intellect = 15 Mana
59.5 Intellect = 1 Spell Crit

PVP requires 5 points of Hit to ensure that skills are not MISS

PVE needs about 8 points of Hit in the early stage, and Naxxramas needs 10+ of Hit to ensure that the BOSS skills are not MISSS.

Because the Destruction talent does not have Hit support, and the hatred of Shadow Bolt Critical strikes is too exaggerated, the priority is recommended in the previous period.

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WOW Classic Warlock PVE Properties and Equipment Selection – 2

POE 3.9 Most Popular Molten Shell Juggernaut Build – Budget Friendly Guide

POE 3.9 Molten Shell Juggernaut Build

This is my first build for Molten Shell Juggernaut Build-in POE 3.9, and this build is very fast and fun I think. I reached level 93 in the incursion league and melting endgame content atm. The build can reach about 1,5 – 2,5m Shaper dps and is still pretty tanky because of the Juggernaut Ascendancy and other defense mechanics we can reach high physical damage reduction. The build also freezes nearly everything because of heavy hits with cold damage.

+ Tanky
+ High dps
+ Melts bosses
+ Fast movement speed
+ budget & beginner-friendly
+ Easy and fun playstyle
+ Immune to stun, freeze, chill, temporal chains,…
– elemental reflection map mode can’t be done
– clear speed is fast but could be faster

Unflinching -> Unyielding -> Unrelenting -> Undeniable

Kill them all for two points.

Major God – Soul of Solaris
Minor God – Soul of Tukohama


Weapon: Vaal Ground Slam – Fortify – Ruthless – Ruthless – Close Combat – Multistrike
Helm: Flesh and Stone – Pride – Vengeance – Blood, and Sand
Armour: Leap Slam – Blood Magic – Faster Attacks – Vaal Ancestral Warchief – Multiple Totems – Culling Strike Support
Glove: Cast when Damage Taken – Molten Shell – Precision – Blood Rage





WOW Classic Paladin Equipment From 1 To 25

In WOW Classic, the Paladin upgrade is not the fastest. During the upgrade process, equipment with different attributes will be encountered. How to choose the best equipment at each stage? U4gm will introduce this issue in the following article.

Lavishly Jewled Ring
Finger ring
+2 Agility
+6 Intellect
Requires level 17
How to get it: Gilnid in The Deadmines drops, with a 45% drop probability.

Gilnid location

Chausses of Westfall
Leg Mail Armor
173 point armor
+5 Stamina
+11 Power
Durability 75 / 75
How to get it: After completing the mission ‘The Defias Brotherhood‘, reward the Hausesses of Westfall.

First, find Gryan Stoutmantle in Westfall, receive the ‘The Defias Brotherhood’ mission, then enter ‘The Deadmines’ and kill Edwin VanCleef as required.

Gryan Stoutmantle location

Smite’s Mighty Hammer
55 – 83 Damage Speed ​​3.50
(DPS 19.7)
+11 Power
+4 Agility
Durability 80 / 80
Requires level 18
How to get it: Mr.Smite in The Deadmines drops, the drop probability is 20%.

Mr.Smite location

Prospector Axe
Hands ax
33 – 51 Damage Speed ​​2.40
(DPS 17.5)
+8 Stamina
+7 Power
Durability 75 / 75
Requires level 15
How to get it: Defias Blackguard and Defias Pirate in The Deadmines drop, with a drop probability of 0.05%.

The DPS of this weapon is not as high as Smite’s Mighty Hammer. Although Stamina and Power are more suitable for Paladin, it is better to consider Smite’s Mighty Hammer. The advantage of the Prospector Axe is that it can be used at level 15.

Most of Paladin’s equipment at this stage can be obtained from The Deadmines. If you have more time, you can have more time with your friends.

Level 20-25
Silverlaine’s Family Seal
Finger ring
+7 Power
+3 Stamina
Requires level 21
How to get it: Baron Silverlaine in Shadowfang Keep drops, drop probability 30%

Baron Silverlaine location

Commander’s Crest
Deputy shield
623 point armor
13 point block
+3 Spirit
+3 Stamina
+6 Power
Durability 95 / 95
Requires level 23
How to get it: Commander Springvale in Shadowfang Keep drops, the drop probability is 50%.

Commander Springvale location

Algae Fists
Gloves Mail Armor
132 armor
+10 Power
+4 Stamina
Durability 40 / 40
Requires level 23
How to get it: Gelihast in Blackfathom Deeps drops, drop probability 50%

Gelihast location

Shinning Silver Breastplate
Chest Mail Armor
214 point armor
+14 Power
+6 Stamina
Durability 120 / 120
Requires level 24
How to get it: Blacksmith skills production, first need to find Blacksmith trainer to learn the skills of making Shinning Silver Breastplate, and then collect the required materials before they can be made.

It adds 14 points of Power, which is a good piece of equipment at this level.

Hands ax
55 – 84 Damage Speed ​​3.20
(DPS 21.7)
Durability 95 / 95
Requires level 21
Possible hit: Causes the target’s wound to bleed, causing 100 damage in 30 seconds.
How to get it: Kill monsters in the wild. Because there are so many kinds of monsters, the distribution range is very wide, and the drop probability is only 0.05%. If you want to get it, the best way is to go to the auction house.

Paladin needs some support from Classic WOW Oceania Gold during the upgrade process. Players in need can click on the link to buy.

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WOW Classic Paladin Equipment From 45 To 50

In the previous article, U4gm introduced how the Paladin 35-class To 45-class better equipment should obtain. Today, we will continue to enter better stuff in the 45-50 stage.

Big Bad Pauldrons
Shoulder Platemail
396 point armor
+12 Power
+12 Stamina
+8 Spirit
Durability 80 / 80
Requires level 45
How to get it: The Chief Ukorz Sandscalp in Zul’Farrak drops, with a drop probability of 30%.

Chief Ukorz Sandscalp Location

Vice Grips
Gloves Platemail
318 point armor
Durability 45 / 45
Requires level 43
<random enchantment>
Equipment: +14 attack power.
How to get it: Antu’sul in Zul’Farrak drops, with a drop probability of 35%.

Antu’sul location

Fist of Stone
Main hand hammer
44 – 83 Damage Speed ​​1.80
(DPS 35.3)
+11 Stamina
+5 Spirit
Durability 90 / 90
Requires level 48
Possible when hit: Restores 50 mana.
How to get it: Landslide in Maraudon drops, with a 25% drop probability.

Landslide location

Atal’alarion’s Tusk Ring
Waist Platemail
302 point armor
+18 Power
+8 Stamina
Durability 45 / 45
Requires level 46
How to get it: Atal’alarion in Sunken Temple drops, with a 40% drop probability.

Atal’alarion location

Gizlock’s Hypertech Buckler
Deputy shield
1835 point armor
32 point block
+10 Intellect
+5 Stamina
Durability 100 / 100
Requires level 48
Equipment: Regenerate four mana every 5 sec.
How to get it: Tinkerer Gizlock in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 33.33%.

Tinkerer Gizlock location

Blackstone ring
Finger ring
+6 Stamina
Requires level 49
Equipment: +20 attack power.
Equipment: Increases your chance to hit the target by 1%.
How to get it: Princess Theradras in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 26.04%.

Princess Theradras location

Princess Theradras’ Scepter
126 – 190 damage speed 3.40
(DPS 46.5)
Durability 100 / 100
Requires level 49
Possible hits: 160 damage to the target and their armor reduced by 100.
How to get it: Princess Theradras in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 26.04%.

Elemental Rockridge Leggings
Leg Platemail
496 point armor
+18 Stamina
+20 Power
+10 Nature Resistance
Durability 100 / 100
Requires level 49
How to get it: Princess Theradras in Maraudon drops, with a drop probability of 26.04%.

Runed Golem Shackles
Wrist Platemail
244 armor
+14 Power
Durability 45 / 45
Requires level 48
Equip: Increases defense skill by 4.
How to get it: The mobs in Blackrock Depths drop, with a drop probability of 0.02%-0.07%.

It is not difficult to see from the above information that it is easier to obtain some equipment, but it is more difficult to obtain some equipment, but as long as you buy enough WOW Classic PVE Gold, you can easily get good equipment.

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