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The action option has no dialogue options, but harder combat, and the role-playing option provides the same control over play as previous installments. The problem with the system is that action option gives you no control over the story, while the story option gives you combat that is not challenging in any way.

The role-playing option gives you full dialogue options and allows you to change combat difficulty, rendering the last two options useless.

diablo 3 also has a multiplayer aspect. Unfortunately the multiplayer is a tacked on horde mode, with an annoying card system to unlock new weapons and characters.

Though it is incorporated with single player in a novel way, the actual multiplayer gets old after just a few hours of playtime.

The story has always been one of the most important aspects for the franchise.

Since the beginning of the trilogy, BioWare has delivered a fantastic story that is driven by player choices. Mass Effect 3 promises a story that can be enjoyed by both longtime and newcomers alike.

The plot focuses on the galaxy’s resistance to the Repears’ arrival. It begins with Shepard leaving Earth while it is being attacked to gain allies and to build the Crucible, which is supposed to be an effective weapon against the threat. Along the way, the story provides resolutions to long-standing conflicts within the universe, such as the genophage. The beauty of the story is that the details of these resolutions are dependent on player choices. The resolutions can vary wildly. 

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