The Auction House input price will add the hexadecimal sub-bit mechanism

How many players can see at a glance the difference between 10 million and 100 million? Must have a lot of players will therefore have been prepared to sell handred million Diablo 3 Items,but the input maybe ten million.
We all know that the mathematical habits of china is four points, but one point three in many European and American countries. That is why we in the foreign news can see the the 1,000,000,000.00 digital display. However, we also found that in many European countries, the sub-bit is completely the opposite, such as in Germany and some other EU countries, sub-bit is actually,00 format. Different regions, different hexadecimal and symbolic standard, arbitrarily change the hex mode may cause a lot of misunderstanding of the players.
Today, the official website of the Forum on the auction house input values the decimal points to look into a fierce war of words. Lylirra give full play to their own patience and toughness, braved the saliva of the players seriously reply.
Diablo 3 is a global game, released in many countries around the world. Moreover, different regions have different points of hex bit style.For example, a period in our decimal hexadecimal point. But in many European countries, the decimal but use a comma. That is 100 million such big numbers in different countries have different copies bit. 1,000,000 in the United States, while in Europe 1.000.000.
So, we should use what kind of hex mode?That is why we have chosen absolutely do not use a comma, confused because this will make the players outside of North America. Of course we have no way to take into account what the situation will affect the user experience.
Diablo 3 following server regions: North America, Europe, Asia and many countries in these regions using different hex symbol style, so unfortunately in accordance with regional standards is not so simple things. Also, do a meet the Area A, Area B, the alteration does not ideal or feasible solutions but do not meet.
Now, as I said, we agree with the auction house where players should see hex quintiles. Ultimately, we may add a comma-separated because in many areas have been common up. We also consider the use of other, more common way.
We started adding a comma and no, because we consider the problem of the different regions of the habits, and have not realized that there is no such division bit interested in the player’s. We acknowledge that this is wrong, but we are also looking for ways to improve our methods.
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