the circumstantial keys of diablo 3 the circumstantial keys of diablo 3


To be scrupulously fair we’ve now made it work on a random basis, so that you when the clock counts down you hit the button and you have the same random chance as everybody else to win a key – it’s the only way that really works. Of course you can also follow us on Twitter @CVG_UK for another chance. It’s a lottery for sure, but better than no chance at all, huh?

It’s a slim chance, but people do win. Don’t believe us? There’s a list of current winners below by CVG user name, and we’ll keep publishing them here as we give them out. Winners have also commented here and on Facebook check them out.

Still, we’ve learned a lot and it’s been kind of fun, in a masochistic, beat your face against the keyboard, feel the pain kind of way – and we now have the biggest, best and baddest ass beta key mechanism in the business.

And you know what? We’re going to do it all again next month, not with Diablo but with something different… So watch this fricking space

 rather  the developing  of auction house   which  aiming at selling items  and gears in desperately need of  someone else  need have some other aspect  to improved:to aviod any devaluation,deflation,inflation ,and prevent  the  diablo 3 gold exploitated by some other unlegally hacker or memmbers owned by southern asia corporation



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