the introduction of executive producerthe introduction of executive producer


In regards to Diablo III—- all I can say is “you ain’t heard nothing yet!” The overture was conceived of as a way of making a big impression on both new and existing audiences—saying that this really is the next chapter. What’s not apparent in the overture, though, is that the first indication the world had of what the new game was at our Paris announcement last Summer was a single guitarist on a 12-string, rolling those classic opening chords—not a speech, not a video, not a press release—but the MUSIC. That iconic music! I’m very proud of this moment, as it not only says a lot about how great the D1, D2 & D2X music is, but how important and recognizable game music in general has become.
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by what little heard heard so far, forum member FlamangoHellfire sent Russell an email at Blizzard. And got a reply! Which he posted in a forum thread that was discussing the music of D3 and Blizzard games in general. Here’s an excerpt: click through to read Russell’s full email.


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