new monsters in subsequent acts, eventsnew monsters in subsequent acts, events


Part of making monster encounters more interesting rests on the shoulders of the monsters themselves — but it’s just as important that we prepare you, and our heroes, for exciting combat. Every class in Diablo III is a ‘DPS’ class, and damage output is vitally important, but no matter your build, you can customize your defensive skills as much as your offensive ones.

 Each hero has a significant arsenal of defensive skills — Frost Novas, Mirror Images, stunning Ground Stomps, blinding Assaults, Lethal Decoys that taunt foes away — and, without a limitless supply of healing potions, it’s critical that you use them carefully to stay alive.

As you encounter new monsters in subsequent acts, events, and quests, you’ll need to keep your combat strategy fluid.. When distinct, diverse monsters coordinate their attacks, you can’t repeatedly use the same ability to achieve a hollow victory. Just as importantly, it means that you’ll experience engaging, frenetic battles — the kind that challenge your mind as much as your reflexes