the First 2 Structured PvP Map


Niflhel, one of structured pvp map in Guild Wars 2,has two PVE MOBs that give a nice buff to whichever team gets the killing blow on it. And they aren’t that easily soloable. If you’ve played League of Legends or Dota, you will know all about this. My problem though, this isn’t a MOBA-type game. It should be pure player-versus-player. And in my opinion, I wouldn’t have those mobs in the map.I also found that with so much line of sight, it can sometimes be kind of hard to find the enemy. The map is like a maze in some ways, and the capture points themselves are almost hidden behind obstructions. Making it difficult to see who is there or who is coming. And this kind of makes fights boil down to the center or central map area, which mostly comes from AOE professions like guild wars 2 elementalist and guild wars 2 necromancer, and the fight is also far away from any capture points.


 The other map, Battle of Kyhlo, is much better in my opinion. For one, there are no PVE MOBs. Instead, there are two trebuchets that can pretty much hit everywhere on the map. And they can be broken by the enemy team. Which makes the map gimmick require more active player participation. The trebuchets can be used to break the cover off the middle point.This is old hat by now. This is information that’s been available since they first announced PvP being in Guild Wars 2. I didn’t mess with the trebuchets anyway. I was playing as guild wars 2 mesmer guide and to busy stabbing people in the face with a pair of daggers from my illusions.


 Battle of Kyhlo feels less like a maze than Niflhel. Fights will primarily be near the actual control point, which, by the way, can be easily seen from across the map. And because of the central clock tower, navigation on this much is so much easier. The map is not nearly as vertical, although it does have its ups and downs, not anywhere near as much as all the other map. Both maps may come as a shock to anyone who has played any other BG and any other MMO.Let’s take World of Warcraft for instance, which had very open, very large maps. In Guild Wars 2, they are very enclosed. At times almost claustrophobic. This isn’t a bad thing if handled correctly, like Kyhlo, but incorrectly, can make the whole match one big cluster. By launch, there should be two more maps. So only time will tell if the fairly enclosed map design trend will continue.