Angels are beings of pure light and sound

The Angelic host believes in strict discipline and order and wages a constant battle for the sake of all creation against the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells who seek to turn existence into pure chaos and enslave humanity for their own ends. Angels are beings of pure light and sound, as they are born when all of the High Heavens are in perfect harmony. Angels cannot be directly looked at, or the viewer will risk permanent eye damage. Angels appear as humanoid figures in shining armour. They wear either helmets or hoods and, as seen during Tyrael’s transformation into a human, actually possess no true head or face, only a black featureless shape where a head would be.

All angels also bear wings in the form of streaming tendrils of light flowing from their backs. In the Wrath animation they are shown being able to merge these tendrils into actual wings of light, but this may be more a part of the animation’s style than a canon aspect of the race. The armour of angels seems to serve to help them contain the light and harmony of their beings into a single place and form. When their amour is damaged the light within drips out like blood. However they also possess great healing abilities, able to recover from impalement and to coalesce if their forms are dispersed. Their wings seem to be a portion of their true forms beneath the armour and they can be torn out which will cause the angel to take on a fleshy form, as happened to Inarius and Tyrael.

In the Diablo universe, Angels are somewhat different from their Judeo-Christian counterparts. While most Angels strive to bring discipline into the world and oppose chaos, and they are said to fight to protect mankind against demonic oppression, they will go through any means to accomplish it. Angels are sometimes described as being very rigid or (arguably) overzealous – for instance, when they discovered the world of Sanctuary, the Angiris Council first contemplated destroying the hidden realm along with all life because of its partly demonic origins. We specialize in providing customers with cheap Diablo 3 gold and with fast delivery.