Physical utility skills are like warriors have a kick

This is the minor trait in the adept trait that you cannot change. The major trait is in the adept column of the strength trait line. You click and you get a pool of 12 traits. You can pick one of these traits. These things do a myriad of stuff, were just going pick the first one that pops up just to show you how the system works. You have flex, you gain three stacks of might for 15 seconds whenever you use a physical utility skill. Physical utility skills are like warriors have a kick, we can kick people away from us, or we can jump in the air and stomp, and guys go flying back. It’s a physical thing, so when we put more points in, we got this so the minor trait in the master column in the strength trait line is building momentum. Using a burst skill restores endurance.

The burst skill for the guild wars 2 thief guide to the initiative. Where you fill up your initiative and use your burst skills. You can’t change this, building momentum, but we put 5 more in now we unlock the master and major trait. Now we can open this up and you will see out of this pool of different traits we can select from, flex, which is another 10 points in is gone. Now we’ll just go short when you are blocked. Now the minor trait in the grandmaster column of the strength trait line is stick and move. Damage bonus when initiative is not full. Again you can’t change this but, if we put 5 more in or you can just click here, it puts all 30 in for you. Now you get the pool, subtract 2.

Restoration strength. Using a heel skill will remove weakness, cripple, freeze, and immobilization. World of Warcraft players are starting to see how this traits system in Guild Wars 2 works and it’s in your brains now. And you’re thinking to yourself, How am I going to use the trait system to my advantage and murder my enemies. I know that’s what you’re thinking because that’s what I was thinking. And remember I was crazy cynical about Guild Wars 2.