A new hero to solve the mystery

May is a great time to be a member, and anyone subscribed for the entirety of May (the 1st to the 31st inclusive) will be rewarded with 250k’s worth of double XP boosts and 5k extra Loyalty Points on the 1st of June. What’s more, even if you’re only a member for part of the month, you’ll still be able to take part in a range of ‘Wild Weekends’ with XP benefits, drop increases and some truly mad monkey-themed mayhem. You’ll also have an extra spin to use on each day that you’re subscribed over the course of the month. We’re even planning something fun with Yelps and his Squeal of Fortune to complete the chaos. Make sure you check the news every week to see what’s coming up. They truly shouldn’t be missed.

Long lines of fires are one of the strangest phenomena you can run into when traversing the world of RuneScape, but they have remained the easiest way of training your Firemaking skill for years. That is about to change this month, as we introduce bonfires to the game. After making yourself a fire you’ll be able to add more logs directly to that fire, potentially finding strange spirits who’ll give you small rewards for freeing them from their wooden prisons. Invite other players to add logs to your fire and everyone contributing will gain bonuses to their Firemaking XP gain, and hopefully make a few new friends in the process; the entire activity is far less click-heavy than old-school Firemaking, leaving you plenty of time to chat. Those of you with a burning desire to find other flamingly useful things to do with fires will find boosts to Cooking XP, and even gain health bonuses depending on your Firemaking levels and log types used.

The villagers of Rimmington have been falling afoul of what seems to be a strange spell: one so potent that several of them have been asleep for days, even weeks, seemingly sharing a powerful dream. Local physicians are stumped as to why, and they need a new hero to solve the mystery. The Raptor – an enigmatic figure whose involvement scares many as much as the sleeping curse itself – has gone ahead of you, and the families of the sleeping men are relying on you to rescue their loved ones intact!