The town portal system evolved repeatedly during development

Diablo 3 answer to mercenaries from D2, the followers will have their own skillset and inventory that the player can customize. Artisans: Are special NPCs who craft items and provide other essential services, as well as much dialogue and information about the game world and quests. They are the Blacksmith and Jeweler, after the Mystic was removed during beta testing. As in Diablo II, travel is on foot. Unlike Diablo II, there is only one movement speed, rather than a walk and run option. This speed can be increased with item mods and some skills, and there is no stamina drain while moving. There are no mounts in Sanctuary, to ride about the world at a higher rate of speed. The main method of speedy transportation in the game comes from waypoints, which are tied to quests and there are multiple waypoints in connected areas, tied to each quest.

For instance, a player can only use the waypoint to the start of an area, and then while clearing that area and deeper dungeons within it, additional waypoints will be encountered, for easy returns to town. This allows for more travel without cluttering up the waypoints menu with dozens of them, as well as preventing players from warping right to the end of a quest, Diablo 2 boss run style. The town portal system evolved repeatedly during Diablo 3 development. TPs were in as scrolls, then out entirely, then back in via the Stone of Recall system, then changed back to a town portal activated directly from the belt interface. See those pages for more details.

There are numerous small Easter Eggs already seen in Diablo 3 during the beta testing. These include funny item and monster names, developer names carved on headstones, inside jokes via the Achievements, and more. There are certain to be many other discovered in the full game. Most fans believed there would be a secret level in Diablo 3 with rainbows and unicorns and happy clouds, based on various hints and jokes the developers had been making stemming from the art controversy. The fans were right, as Whimsyshire, the Diablo 3 secret level, was found shortly after the game’s release. See that article for full details.  

The Monk is powerful and quietly confident

Mystical comet overlooking a settlement in the western part of Sanctuary. The story line of the game takes place twenty years after a few powerful heroes saved Sanctuary from the demonic onslaught in Diablo II. Those events took place out of the sight of the common populace, and have become myth or legend over the intervening years. Most of the principles are dead or insane, and no one has had any sight of the Archangel Tyrael since he destroyed the Worldstone, triggering an explosion that erasedMountArreatand shattered the Barbarians’ civilization. Since the destruction of the Worldstone, those few humans (such as Deckard Cain) who did know of the danger to the world have been expecting an imminent demonic invasion, without the Worldstone to keep them in the Burning Hells.

This has not happened because, and players will eventually learn, the two remaining lords of Hell, Belial and Azmodan, have been building armies for a full-on invasion, intended to utterly destroy humanity. Players will see small-scale demonic events, as in previous games, but the developers have promised that the scale of some aspects of the game, such as the siege on Bastion’s Keep, will be amazingly large; far bigger than anything ever previously seen in the series. Additional information on the story line can be seen within the Black Soulstone Cinematic. Unlike the blank cyphers that all characters were in previous games in the series, the individual characters in Diablo 3 will have personalities.

The Wizard is young, brash, and headstrong. The Monk is powerful and quietly confident. The Barbarian is strong and stoic. The Demon Hunter is angry and reckless in her need for vengeance. And the Witch Doctor is spiritual, mysterious, and misunderstood by the populace at large. The characters will behave accordingly, and inspire different replies and behavior from the NPCs. The Followers such as the Templar and Enchantress each have a distinct personality with a fleshed-out background and will not only banter to the player character, but also to other NPCs (and even to each other within the camp or town). The same holds true for other NPCs, such as Leah, who may on occasion follow the player into the fray during a quest.  

Something the young Aspect had mentioned itched

Thrall closed his eyes and breathed deep. Ysera did so as well and then spoke. “Quiet your thoughts. Detach your spirit from the flesh and feel the earth around us. Know that the rocks beneath you are the same as those beneath me. Know that if you can take one step, you can surely take another.” Ysera took her own instructions to heart as her spirit joined with one of the World Tree’s colossal roots. Thrall believed that his burgeoning powers were never meant for him, that they were a fluke. In truth, they were quite the opposite. His purpose was clear, even if he didn’t know it. All his years of dedication as a shaman had led to this extraordinary ability to join with the earth. The Awakened longed for a similar sense of fulfillment.

Her thoughts drifted to the meetings with the other Aspects. She focused on every detail, wondering if there was a simple answer hidden among the endless discussions. The Awakened’s attention turned to Kalec. Something the young Aspect had mentioned itched in her mind. “A weapon, like none that has come before it.” The words held power, significance just beyond her understanding.” It must be like no other.” A familiar voice boomed in her head. It crashed over her like a tidal wave, sweeping away the millions of disjointed ideas circulating in her consciousness. Ysera opened her eyes in shock, but she was no longer in Hyjal.

She floated through a dark and cavernous room that she recognized as the Chamber of the Aspects, the hallowed domain of the five dragonflights. Below her stood a gathering of dragons. Ysera, a past version of herself was among them, along with Alexstrasza; Nozdormu’s prime consort, Soridormi; the late blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos; and Deathwing. not the scarred and hideous creature of the present. It was Neltharion the Earth-Warder, the once-proud Aspect of the black dragonflight. Unbeknownst to his comrades, he had already been corrupted by the insidious Old Gods, unfathomably powerful beings of madness imprisoned in the earth by the titans and had forsaken his charge to protect Azeroth. 

Bare Knuckle Event ReappearsBare Knuckle Event Reappears


Players can select different maps based on their Bare-handed Fighting levels. There are a number of challenging instances to choose from, including the Pyramid, the Underground Jail and even the Pirate’s Base Camp.
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After entering the instance players will encounter monsters separated into one of three ranks. The monsters at the entrance are always the first rank and do not agro. As players move deeper into the instance, with their buffs increased, they’re allowed to challenge stronger monsters or a BOSS. Players will also find Priests who sell different kinds of stat enhancement buff items. Buff items have a 15-minute time limit 

The eredar, an insidious race of devilish sorcerers

Over time, demonic entities made their way into the Titans’ worlds from the Twisting Nether, and the Pantheon elected its greatest warrior, Sargeras, to act as its first line of defense. A noble giant of molten bronze, Sargeras carried out his duties for countless millennia, seeking out and destroying these demons wherever he could find them. Over the eons, Sargeras encountered two powerful demonic races, both of which were bent on gaining power and dominance over the physical universe. The eredar, an insidious race of devilish sorcerers, used their warlock magics to invade and enslave a number of worlds. The indigenous races of those worlds were mutated by the eredar’s malevolent powers and turned into demons themselves. Though Sargeras’ nearly limitless powers were more than enough to defeat the vile eredar, he was greatly troubled by the creatures’ corruption and all-consuming evil.

Incapable of fathoming such depravity, the great Titan began to slip into a brooding depression. Despite his growing unease, Sargeras rid the universe of the warlocks by trapping them within a corner of the Twisting Nether. While his confusion and misery deepened, Sargeras was forced to contend with another group intent on disrupting the Titans’ order: the Nathrezim. This dark race of vampiric demons (also known as dreadlords) conquered a number of populated worlds by possessing their inhabitants and turning them to the shadow. The nefarious, scheming dreadlords turned whole nations against one another by manipulating them into unthinking hatred and mistrust. Sargeras defeated the Nathrezim easily, but their corruption affected him deeply.

As doubt and despair overwhelmed Sargeras’ senses, he lost all faith not only in his mission, but also in the Titans’ vision of an ordered universe. Eventually he came to believe that the concept of order itself was folly, and that chaos and depravity were the only absolutes within the dark, lonely universe. His fellow Titans tried to persuade him of his error and calm his raging emotions, but he disregarded their more optimistic beliefs as self-serving delusions. Storming from their ranks forever, Sargeras set out to find his own place in the universe. Although the Pantheon was sorrowful at his departure, the Titans could never have predicted just how far their lost brother would go. 

Super Hero Squad Online: Fun for All AgesSuper Hero Squad Online: Fun for All Ages

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There are three “cities” kids can play in right now, the Daily Bugle, Baxterville and Asgard, with Villainville coming in August. One of the goals of the game is to collect as many heroes as you can. You start off with a few and the others are earned, unlocked with in-game cash or with micro-transaction currency. A new character is released every week, a new boss mission every month, and a new city every quarter, with more than one version of a character as well as characters carrying items that reflect on the storyline progress of the cartoon series as the game ages due to the increased speed with which WoW players consume the new content.
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A new hero to solve the mystery

May is a great time to be a member, and anyone subscribed for the entirety of May (the 1st to the 31st inclusive) will be rewarded with 250k’s worth of double XP boosts and 5k extra Loyalty Points on the 1st of June. What’s more, even if you’re only a member for part of the month, you’ll still be able to take part in a range of ‘Wild Weekends’ with XP benefits, drop increases and some truly mad monkey-themed mayhem. You’ll also have an extra spin to use on each day that you’re subscribed over the course of the month. We’re even planning something fun with Yelps and his Squeal of Fortune to complete the chaos. Make sure you check the news every week to see what’s coming up. They truly shouldn’t be missed.

Long lines of fires are one of the strangest phenomena you can run into when traversing the world of RuneScape, but they have remained the easiest way of training your Firemaking skill for years. That is about to change this month, as we introduce bonfires to the game. After making yourself a fire you’ll be able to add more logs directly to that fire, potentially finding strange spirits who’ll give you small rewards for freeing them from their wooden prisons. Invite other players to add logs to your fire and everyone contributing will gain bonuses to their Firemaking XP gain, and hopefully make a few new friends in the process; the entire activity is far less click-heavy than old-school Firemaking, leaving you plenty of time to chat. Those of you with a burning desire to find other flamingly useful things to do with fires will find boosts to Cooking XP, and even gain health bonuses depending on your Firemaking levels and log types used.

The villagers of Rimmington have been falling afoul of what seems to be a strange spell: one so potent that several of them have been asleep for days, even weeks, seemingly sharing a powerful dream. Local physicians are stumped as to why, and they need a new hero to solve the mystery. The Raptor – an enigmatic figure whose involvement scares many as much as the sleeping curse itself – has gone ahead of you, and the families of the sleeping men are relying on you to rescue their loved ones intact! 

Selling Junior to Pay for MMO HabitSelling Junior to Pay for MMO Habit


They were finally turned into authorities when Li Lin’s mother found out what her son and his girlfriend had done.
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When asked if they missed their children, the parents answered, “We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.”
Sanxiang City News reports the couple didn’t know they were breaking the law.


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Ironforge, the awakening of the dwarves

In the ancient times, after the Titans departed Azeroth, their children, known as the earthen, continued to shape and guard the deep recesses of the world. The earthen were largely unconcerned with the affairs of the surface-dwelling races and longed only to plumb the dark depths of the earth. When the world was sundered by the Well of Eternity’s implosion, the earthen were deeply affected. Reeling with the pain of the earth itself, the earthen lost much of their identity and sealed themselves within the stone chambers where they were first created. Uldaman, Uldum, Ulduar, these were the names of the ancient Titan cities where the earthen first took shape and form. Buried deep beneath the world, the earthen rested in peace for nearly eight thousand years.

Though it is unclear what awakened them, the earthen sealed within Uldaman eventually arose from their self-imposed slumber. These earthen found that they had changed significantly during their hibernation. Their rocky hides had softened and became smooth skin, and their powers over stone and earth had waned. They had become mortal creatures. Calling themselves dwarves, the last of the earthen left the halls of Uldaman and ventured out into the waking world. Still lulled by the safety and wonders of the deep places, they founded a vast kingdom under the highest mountain in the land. They named their land Khaz Modan, or “MountainofKhaz”, in honor of the Titan shaper, Khaz’goroth. Constructing an altar for their Titan father, the dwarves crafted a mighty forge within the heart of the mountain.

Thus, the city that grew around the forge would be called Ironforge ever after. The dwarves, by nature fascinated with shaping gems and stone, set out to mine the surrounding mountains for riches and precious minerals. Content with their labors under the world, the dwarves remained isolated from the affairs of their surface-dwelling neighbors. The Dark Iron armies smashed against their cousins’ strongholds and very nearly took both kingdoms. However, Madoran Bronzebeard ultimately led his clan to a decisive victory over Thaurissan’s sorcerous army. Thaurissan and his servants fled back to the safety of their city, unaware of the events transpiring at Grim Batol, where Modgud’s army would fare no better against Khardros and his Wildhammer warriors.