Something the young Aspect had mentioned itched

Thrall closed his eyes and breathed deep. Ysera did so as well and then spoke. “Quiet your thoughts. Detach your spirit from the flesh and feel the earth around us. Know that the rocks beneath you are the same as those beneath me. Know that if you can take one step, you can surely take another.” Ysera took her own instructions to heart as her spirit joined with one of the World Tree’s colossal roots. Thrall believed that his burgeoning powers were never meant for him, that they were a fluke. In truth, they were quite the opposite. His purpose was clear, even if he didn’t know it. All his years of dedication as a shaman had led to this extraordinary ability to join with the earth. The Awakened longed for a similar sense of fulfillment.

Her thoughts drifted to the meetings with the other Aspects. She focused on every detail, wondering if there was a simple answer hidden among the endless discussions. The Awakened’s attention turned to Kalec. Something the young Aspect had mentioned itched in her mind. “A weapon, like none that has come before it.” The words held power, significance just beyond her understanding.” It must be like no other.” A familiar voice boomed in her head. It crashed over her like a tidal wave, sweeping away the millions of disjointed ideas circulating in her consciousness. Ysera opened her eyes in shock, but she was no longer in Hyjal.

She floated through a dark and cavernous room that she recognized as the Chamber of the Aspects, the hallowed domain of the five dragonflights. Below her stood a gathering of dragons. Ysera, a past version of herself was among them, along with Alexstrasza; Nozdormu’s prime consort, Soridormi; the late blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos; and Deathwing. not the scarred and hideous creature of the present. It was Neltharion the Earth-Warder, the once-proud Aspect of the black dragonflight. Unbeknownst to his comrades, he had already been corrupted by the insidious Old Gods, unfathomably powerful beings of madness imprisoned in the earth by the titans and had forsaken his charge to protect Azeroth.