Diablo 3 hunting magic man A3 battlefield area analysis

Defense pillbox: everyone is familiar with, the advantage is: monster 4 kinds: plague mosquito, earthquake magic, pain people scorpion and demons pillager, all melee, Diablo 3 Gold in familiar later to play and it was very comfortable, terrain narrow, very suitable for spike trap output, a large number of kerosene can assist players control elite strange, elite number 4 ~ 5, 2 layer may have luxuriant treasure box, the habit words 20 minutes less than a trip, the efficiency is good. Defect is: scene dim, not easy to find the dark of scorpion and swarm, scene narrow, affix wall threat bigger, drum gun through wall later not easy to judge point, cabala ball and plague in combat time longer case

Clyde outpost: map is not like defense pillbox so big, elite strange quantity is little also, only one group, has a chance to luxuriant treasure box and goblins, other features reference defense pillbox.

The front barracks: map is very small, and among the map there is a more spacious room, very suitable for through the prance back and forth kite, monster types to Diablo 3 Items a magical abilities is given priority to, if not AOE ability in the face of 3 destruction mages mass destruction magic plus some magical abilities nazim and destruction the spaniel situation will be very hard, gold strange 1 group, has a chance to luxuriant treasure box an

Foundry: size and defense pillbox similar, basic structure as well as (2 layer 4 gold strange 1 treasure box), monster is basically the same, many remote succubus and hedgehog, some basic can reference defense pillbox. Just here to lick the ye haunt note.

Battlefield depositary: size and defense pillbox similar, basic structure as well as (2 layer 4 gold strange 1 treasure box), map features can be reference defense pillbox, but monster completely different, mainly undead monster is given priority to, skeletal mages, skull ravager (single hand shield), skeleton archers, cranial skeleton chopped person (the two-handed axes). Monster quantity and dense than defense pillbox big, cranial skeleton chopped person and D3 Gold skull ravager resistance to attack ability is very strong, and remote monster, but most monster movement speed slow, easy kite, comparative test AOE ability, in the lowest allocation play up under than defense pillbox slow.

SINS sent the tower: map is ring, is not very big, monster with all sorts of destruction magic plus fire ghouls, double male and succubus, because the monster is dense, in equipment only reach the lowest standard time do not recommend brush, or in the face of destruction in front of the fire at the same time be ghouls or double male outflank situation will be very trouble.

Curse of the tower: everyone is familiar, terrain fixed, monsters are: bloodline warrior, bloodline mage, fly scale male, fire ghouls and succubus. D3 Items to brush friend please make sure clear fire ghouls later push forward, otherwise they will be spurned can be a pain, in to go below please be careful balking, had better go zigzag, due to bad vision is likely to be the vision of the dart male round volley shot dead.

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