Diablo 3 has maintained a special style

We have been very carefully preserved  Renaissance style of the game, but at the same time, we also try to expand the boundaries of this style. Terms of technological development of our human rocket in the 13th century, so there. This period is exactly the medieval era in Europe, this era creation during the Renaissance and Gothic architecture if you visit our site cheap Diablo 3 Gold you can buy.

Diablo 3 is also based on this period. So, if our background in human history, the Rockets game is not not some. Perhaps you see everywhere in the game, we use the word “missile” feel very uncomfortable, but you need to know, from the military point of view, “missile” is a more advanced rocket is a built-in navigation system rocket.

Back to our subject up Diablo 3 is indeed based on the history of mankind, but it is not entirely dependent on human history. In Diablo 3, the rocket is a simple definition of a “alchemy pyrotechnics and grenades belong to the same class. Sanctuary in the world without gunpowder, this world has the magic and the use of various chemical elements, as well as a mixture. Smart and desperate people, make every effort to build in order to resist the invasion of upcoming items of equipment and invention. Occasionally, they invented a lot of things.

Clarify is that no rocket launchers in the game. We are referring to is called a “rocket” skills. When you see the skills of these so-called “rocket” effect, you will immediately say: “This is simply not a rocket!” Entirely correct, because this was not a rocket, not you thought that modern propeller rocket. See the effect of the skills, you will be more understanding, the so-called Arrow, is just another way of saying “missile”, it shows that this skill is an explosive reactants as fuel to drive its destructive power .