The diablo 3 mourn passing MF all-round analysis of the current and future versions of mf value

The first part: from gem

The price of the precious stones is the most stable market, completely determined by supply and demand, not a speculative element (brush bug only because of oversupply, precisely because of the characteristics of the gem became the first choice of copying equipment) market automatically the lowest purchase price, the auction system will automatically pricing. So the price of the precious stones is very telling. Let’s look at just the price of U.S. service gem price: purple 1000 is. The current version of the monster attacks weaken the defense attribute is no longer so urgent 10w + yellow 1050, you’re not wrong, attentive friend may have noticed, 103 Emerald has been dropped in 1300, but Wong Po remained strong 1700 Description mf but a place, at the time, and now, mf status has been a marked drop. The helmet is very difficult to see. Then green, 1500, blast injuries is violence the dps favored pursuit sec a strange-speed brush pleasure. Undisputed. Finally, red, 1800 remain strong, head Ruby unshakable status beyond the the dps visible grades improved more than the desire of the dps, the reason is obvious, high-grade high mf and gf upgrade, while 100 It will also bring 300 main properties and other defensive properties. Upgrade at least 1w + dps, this property is diablo 3 gold can not buy.

The second part, talk about the impact of equipment falling from mf.

The First dark gold, mf enhance dyed green, no doubt, but no good evidence that the mf the high rate can improve the dark gold, brush at least from my two sets of equipment, and the Horn of Kane, NGA look, It was generally agreed that there is no causal relationship between. Contrast, built-mf improve that is afraid of her husband the level of increase will increase the dark gold or was this theory more popular to refer to a major forum. High mf and dark golden harvest can not bring immediate results.

Second yellow fitted, mf increase yellow fitted, no doubt, but the market today legendary almost occupied all the high-end areas, only a very small part of the ultra-Need yellow fitted also with sea view opportunities, some of the best of the 103 era may directly decomposition handsome rich and in the end the player search equipment has been the habit of the and direct input legendary name. Invisible to greatly increase the difficulty of the counter-attack.

Part III: mf brush strange harvest.

Related to a problem, the contradiction between efficiency and mf, a piece of equipment so several a