Diablo 3 high end mage equipment selection and collocation skill experience

As the earliest diablo iii a number of players, a few months in a hurry past. During the period has also because lost nearly a month, but 1.0.4 finally returned to continue to play, also found some worth spending interest. Below is I focus on the mage, concludes that Buy Diablo 3 Gold high-end compatibility result. Before opening first talk about the so-called high-end mage. Personally think should be defense withstand strange, vampire top back injury of royal code flow. A whirlwind brush CD, the basic keep Cinderella status. Equipment requirements: 900 full resistance to start, the higher the better. Armor at around 7500.

Skill is tie-in, left key point by wind person, right-click high-energy type. Then in turn is: magic weapon, and keep the star, diamond of the skin and energy armor. Passive choice: ghost, critical quality, armor reinforcement or abandon anti storm. Explain, ghost personally think is will bring the. Effective defense a few destroy – knife ye the necessary skills. Game is very simple, see strange Cinderella direct point is. Single hand lu the third act without pressure, is no brain game.

Equipment selection

The first is weapons and deputy choice, this I will put together to say. Because the mage the tuo a suit, is the deputy together just appear higher value. Personally think terminal main deputies have 2 choices: one is high injury single hole (had better have vampire) single hand Diablo 3 Items weapons, deputy three even orb (with explosion back). Another is the high injury with holes in the vedas a wish and the vedas flower of method can (don’t detonation back). The former has the advantage of equipment price more benefits. 2 a piece more average, general price at around 200 million can fix. Main hand according to economic conditions can be appropriate for heightening, take fright high, playing against injury elite safer. The latter plan advantage is, look ye attack rate quickly, the attack also is higher, flowers in hand vice price less, main hand value is higher.

Jewelry about amulet. The undisputed belt crit of tal rasha’s oath honesty, 400 million. The basic is a top equipment, no replaceable. The golden 3 attribute fate amulet of course better, but it’s not how much higher. And the price should be golden three attributes of the expensive.

Ring recommend fearless brave the prayers of all the twinset + howl. Double attribute or zone average damage, attack rate is better than that of high average damage is better than the detonation injury. Each piece of around 100 million. D3 Gold helmet choose twilight armor, with crit and the main properties, 200 million. If take endurance is in need of 300 million or so, not importune. Shoulder choose wizardry scapula, high attribute with MF. Don’t importune endurance, around 100 million. Gloves are still choose aureate. Three attributes with main attribute or 2 attribute with high main attribute belt body or all resistance, will bring crit. 200 million.

Belt beyond doubt wu different moment. Now intelligence wu different common cheap, choose a high wound bring endurance or all of the resistance, preferably with MF. 200 million. Trousers choose the deep mining pants. High intelligence belt hole around 150 million can fix, don’t need to request endurance. Bracers choice la library, latent chaser. Take crit, main attribute. Take some stamina or with MF, around 100 million. The use of ice climbing shoes. Belt movement speed. The main attribute not to demand, and high all day price, with point endurance. Around 150 million.Clothes choice tal rasha’s relentless hounds. 9 attack rate is to force. Do not suggest to choose a full resistance, because has had enough of it. Clothes suggest choose high attribute, 250 + stamina. High performance to price ratio. 100 million.