Still no spectator mode in the works for World of Warcraft arena

Still no spectator mode in the works for WoW arena

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While there are many changes in store for the arena in patch 5.4, there are still no development plans for a spectator mode according to EU community manager, Nakatoir.

The latest blue post on the matter reiterates much of what we’ve heard before — that yes, a spectator mode would be awesome but would require great number of resources to develop. Thus it’s not currently in the cards.

Nakatoir — Spectator mode and the esport scene in general

I don’t deny that getting a working spectator mode would help with community ran competitions and tournaments and it’s one of the reasons that we would like to have one. Understand that this is something we know that players want and it’s something that we would like to provide to you. We simply have no plans at this time to implement such a feature, but when we are able to implement this feature we’ll be sure to let you know about it.


Given the incoming arena and PvP changes slated to arrive in patch 5.4, one might expect the demand for a spectator feature to increase, but who knows for sure? What do you think? Would having spectator mode increase your interest and participation in arena? Do you think the WoW eSports community would grow if there was a dedicated spectator mode like the ones found in StarCraft 2 or League of Legends?



You all seem to forget to remember that they could add Spectator Mode for ALL instanced content. So when what ever top raiding guilds has the latest raid on farm mode, they can allow people to spectate them to see how they are handling the encounters. Would be good for those guilds who cant clear a certain boss etc. Specator Mode shouldn’t be restricted just for Arena.

I see no harm in adding a specator mode to the game. It would only do the game good.


It’s a pity that they have no plans to implement this / tackle the technical challenges involved.

If it was implemented in such a way that you could actually go to an arena, be in the stands with a whole bunch of other players (ie brawler’s guild) and watch the world’s best together, it could be a completely revolutionary way to watch e-sports and while it would be limited to the player-base of WoW already, that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering how many players there are.

A big problem with competitive arena is how hard it is to follow the action, especially for people who don’t already play, but if it was purely presented in-game for people who already play WoW, with a UI made for it, it could be absolutely amazing.