RS Developers Entrepreneurial Risk Conservation Law

I strongly recommend you to remember this simple rule : every time you increase business risk, you also increase the financial risk. If you remember basic physics , you should remember the ” conservation of energy ” is mentioned , the energy can not be eliminated and destroyed ; it can only be converted from one form to another form . Risk as well. You may reduce your personal risk , or reduce the risk of project failure , but so that you increase the company’s financial risks . You can reduce the production of large investment product efforts. You may also increase the risk of capital concentration .

With more and more game developers to leave large companies to small independent game production team , they may face the risk of their own produce erroneous understanding . Runescape Gold If you work in a large company , I think you should change, because you are now way of doing business is very stupid. If you work in an independent studio , I think you should change the address risk approach, because it is likely to insist on the old routine destroy your business.

Operational risk also personal risk. If the product fails, the competent person responsible for this product is the work finished. But if they can prove themselves in every marketing, production and design aspects are not wrong, then they are safe. If they can prove that they require more financial support but refused , then they ‘ll be safe . If they spent a lot of money to consultants, who can fry a consultant to keep their jobs . However, the financial risk is borne by the shareholders and the entire company – including all employees involved in the game .

Paradoxically, in order to reduce the risk that large companies actually increase the risk. Marketing team found that people with multiplayer game play sell better , so they insisted that all games should have a multiplayer mode . Designer to add more levels. Clipart add more effects. Screenwriter add more episodes. Marketers to invest more money in order to guarantee public attention and will purchase products . Have to pay big bucks to hire consultants . All of these steps are likely to reduce the risk of failure of the game business .