FIFA15 trading:Team of the Season

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During one month, between May and June, EA Sports selects the best players of the season for each of the main leagues and releases them in several teams named Teams of the Season. Alongside the TOTY, this is the moment responsible for the biggest price falls in the game.So,don’t miss this time.

Although it seems like there are similarities between the TOTY and the TOTS, they’re not that similar and for that their effect on the market is also distinct. Firstly, the TOTS is responsible for the release of many more blue cards but none of them are in the same level as TOTY, and for that reason their price is always lower. The remaining cards’ prices are lower during TOTS because it’s closer to the end of the game, and as you’ve already seem cards tend to devaluate with time. The biggest difference between them is about duration. While the TOTY only goes for a week, the TOTS keeps going for several weeks and that contributes for bigger windows of opportunities. Instead of selling all your cards and then buying them again, you can take advantage of the price fluctuations along the TOTS weeks in order for you to get rich.

The release of TOTS represents the following effect on the market:

Stage 1 – Before the TOTS release
The players’ prices fall a few weeks before the release of the TOTS. Anticipating themselves for this moment, many people sell their player. They know their cards will be worth less on the following weeks and many also need FIFA 15 coins to invest in packs. The closer it is to the TOTS release, the lower prices will be. Until you reach stage 2 you might not notice very big price falls but it’s always a good idea to sell your cards the earlier possible if your plan is to take advantage of the TOTS to get some coins. The consumables’ prices remain practically unchanged in this stage since players need them for their squad and probably won’t sell them.
Stage 2 – First TOTS release day
Once the first three TOTS are released a very big price fall is noticed. They’ll hit their historic minimum. Many players have sold everything they had and are in this stage spending all their coins on packs. And just like the most basic law of economics says: when the supply exceeds the demand, prices fall; when the demand exceeds the supply, prices rise. In this case the market becomes saturated with players, staff, consumables and club items. That means prices are very low. And it remains this way because players keep on buying packs until the last TOTS.
Stage 3 – TOTS weeks
Many players store coins to spend on packs during the best TOTS. Prices remain low until the very end of this stage because players are permanently opening packs.
Stage 4 – Period post-TOTS
As you’d imagine, many players want their squads back. According to the same laws of the market we mentioned above, prices rise in this stage. However, they don’t go back to where they were before the first stage. Most cards end up stabilizing at a slightly lower price.

At a macroscopic scale you noticed what happens. But what about all the way through the TOTS? It’s important to analyse the tendencies during these weeks in order for you to be able to buy cheap and sell expensive during this period. The first thing you need to know is that the day of the first TOTS release is probably the one in which prices hit a historic minimum. From now on prices are particularly low through the weeks of the Barclays PL TOTS release as well as the Bundesliga, BBVA and EAS FC ones, but they don’t fall enough to reach the values of the first day. For one TOTS, the cards’ prices vary along the week, increasing/decreasing more than 20%. Normally they’re lower on the first days and higher on the last days. Monday and Tuesday, for example, are good days for selling.