CR7 Boots Ad Engaged C Lo

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CHEAPEST FIFA COINSRecently, the video that Spanish television spoof C Ronaldo has burst of red, while Real Madrid King also launched his own dance, for CR7 boots advertising shoot, played not badly.

C Ronaldo is Nike’s leading spokesman. Nike paid annual £ 5.5 million endorsement fees, but he seemed to not satisfied with boots Nike offer, and vigorously promote his own brand CR7 boots. Recently he was drying out dancing when shooting ads to satisfy fans.

The video recording in the studio under the guidance of a professional, he wore different clothes, dancing, smiling, being in very relaxed atmosph. He also performed a fly kick into the drama. C Ronaldo and his team name his advertisement as “shining in my shoes,” hard to promote his shoes. CR7 brand just listed by heavy resistance. Nike force C Ronaldo offline one shoe, because they think that has direct competition with Nike shoes.

Simulation of Suarez Suspended in the FIFA 15

In Uruguay before suarez against Italy committed “tooth bite each other defender giorgio chiellini shoulder” of bad behavior, Uruguay striker luis suarez was FIFA’s disciplinary committee suspended from nine games, and can’t attend all activities associated with the football four months of punishment. Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Online, We are the Top-rated sellers UTfifa15coins for cheap Fut coins!

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The FIFA disciplinary committee decision said suarez suspension period applicable to the first game is the next FIFA World Cup in Colombia and Uruguay on June 28, 2014.

This also means that the premier league this season and the European golden boot winner of the World Cup tour has ended in advance. In Uruguay and the 79th minute of the war of the Italy, suarez with chiellini box for the alleged bitten to then shoulder, left chiellini opens his shirt on the spot, left shoulder to the referee to protest, but the referee did not call for suarez. Prison, Uruguay’s 1-0 victory over Italy into the top 16, the Italian team was knocked out.
EA Sports decided to simulate real world football at the same time, so I decided to 15 in the FIFA game suspension for synchronization. In fact the game according to the real suspension is not the first time, it makes the game more authenticity, before stage “the madden football 15″ Ray Rice, also announced that it would ban.


Messi Brings Joy to American Fans

After the Clasico, Messi and Mascherano flew to Washington, and participated in the Argentina team training. In training the day before yesterday, Messi suddenly felt right leg unwell, he left the training ground and immediately went to the hospital to be checked. Messi was injured or not in the end? Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Service on

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According to World Sports Daily and Daily Sport newspaper latest news, Messi has personally confirmed that his body does not matter. Argentina’s training base located in the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington. Messi’s arrival detonated local fans enthusiasm. In order to avoid some unexpected accidents, the local strengthen the security forces around the base training. And the local media Washington Post also spent a great length on this Messi’s visit, at the same time stressed: “This is the world’s most famous soccer player.”
Coincidentally, Henry, also played in the end of his career in the United States, had recently commented on Messi. Henry, worked together with Messi at Barcelona, said: “I remember when I first went to Barcelona, Messi had vowed to become the world’s best player in the future when he was just a child.”

Some information about Villarreal VS Barcelona you need to know


Barcelona and Villarreal history has met twice in the King’s Cup, Barcelona two are cut.

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Beijing at 3:00 on March 5, Barcelona will be a guest madrigal, 14/15 season to participate in the King’s Cup second round match against Villarreal. This will be the two teams in the fourth game of the season clash. Other semi-final will be held the same day at 5:00 Spanish arena, against Athletic Bilbao.

Here we look at two of the important historical data:

– The two teams this season, the previous three games against Barcelona all win, score the first two were 1-0 La Liga, La Liga 21 home 3-2 King’s Cup semi-final first leg and 3-1 at home.

– The history of Villarreal beat Barcelona 11 times, 10 of which occurred in the Spanish league, a second place in the King’s Cup.

– Villarreal last beat Barcelona in the 2007/08 season, when they won 2-1 at the Nou Camp.

– If Villarreal won 3-1 at the Nou Camp, then the two sides will carry out due to a total score of 4-4 and overtime. If the two sides did not score in overtime, will be a penalty shootout.

– Barcelona in the King’s Cup last kick shootout opponents Mallorca, Barcelona win the final.

– This will be the third time the two sides met in the King’s Cup, the first time in the 1970/71 season, the second in the 2007/08 season, Barca are cut twice.

–2007 / 08 season, the King’s Cup quarter-finals, the two sides a total score of Barcelona 1-0 Villarreal, that Henry scored the only goal in two games.

– A total of nine break Massey Villarreal goal, which is 3 times scored twice, in addition to have a Neymar scored twice.

Let’s Look at the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the Week Introduces

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the Week IntroducesThis week’s new list of players for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15 is allowing gamers interested in the experience to get access to superstars like Wayne Rooney, Philippe Philippe Coutinho and Franck Ribéry, who have managed to impress for their clubs over the previous seven days.You can get them by make Coins in FIFA 15 or buy FIFA 15 Coins. You can play against them on the ‘Team of the Week Challenge’ section within FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on your console. And If you get more powerful players by buy FIFA 15 Coins, you can easily to beat them.

This week, the EA Sports team that surveys competitions seems to have changed the tactical system, although the official app has not yet been updated.

The attack line of the Team of the Week package includes both Rooney and Dost, who have scored crucial goals for their teams.

In the four-man midfield, the development team at EA Sports is offering Coutinho, Tello, Ribery and Piatti.

The four-man defense is made up of Hummels, Toulalan, Glik and Gouweleeuy.

The goalkeeper, who in FIFA 15 can often make the difference between victory and defeat, is Sergio Asen from Athletico.

The Team of the Week package for Ultimate Team in FIFA 15 also introduces seven substitutes that will probably be traded as soon as possible to fund the acquisition of even more capable players.

FIFA 15 relies on Ultimate Team in the long term

FIFA 15 is already an old title by industry standards and the development team at EA Sports needs to deliver special events in order to make sure that players remain engaged with the title in the long term.

The Team of the Week deliveries are important for all those actively re-shaping their teams and working on improving their positions in the online leagues, but the studio is also delivering a range of other content, including videos focused on bands and celebrities and Legends players, like the recent introduction of Booby Moore.

With all the winter transfers and a solid chunk of skill changes implemented to FIFA 15, it is unlikely that another big patch will be delivered, although the developers still have to deal with some issues linked to Ultimate Team and stuck transfers.

FIFA 16 is already in development, although no official announcement has been made by Electronic Arts, and information about the changes in mechanics for all the modes will probably be offered at some point in May, with a fuller look expected during the E3 2015 event.

UTfifa15coins Show the Best Team of LA LIGA in February to you

Spanish Professional Football League (LFP) announced the best team of La Liga in february, Barcelona and Real Madrid, only one player each finalists, Messi and recent Whites midfielder Isco line of outstanding finalists. Buy these players in FIFA 15 by buy FIFA 15 Coins.

Valencia following January, another three players nominated for the best monthly lineup, are edge fullback Gaia, defender Mustafi and midfielder Parejo. It is worth mentioning that, Parejo also named to the league’s best team official in January. Currently the league’s eight Celta Vigo also has three players nominated for the monthly best team goalkeeper Sergio – Alvarez, defender Cabral and midfielder Crohn’s – Deli selected. Malaga fullback Rhys Rosa, Atletico Madrid Gelieziman and Rayo Vallecano Bueno. Also named to the list.

La Liga Team of the official February (433):

Goalkeepers: Sergio – Alvarez (Celta Vigo)

Defenders: Rosa Rees (Malaga), Cabral (Celta Vigo), Mustafi (Valencia), Gaia (Valencia)

Midfielders: Parejo (Valencia), Crohn’s – Deli (Celta Vigo), Isco (Real Madrid)

Forwards: Gelieziman (Atletico Madrid), Bueno (Rayo Vallecano), Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

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Let’s Look at the Cheapest FIFA 15 Coins and FIFA 15 Goals of the Week Round 13

Let’s buy FIFA 15 Coins to creat your Goals of the week!

Each and every week, we will be bringing you the best goals scored in FIFA 15 that are compiled by the EA franchise. Some stunning goals were scored by the gamers as part of the goals of the week segment last week and we got more in store for you this time around.

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This week, we have a Zlatan special as the Swedish striker is showed scoring a stunning long ranger. But it’s the second goal that is bound to catch your attention as a player is shown scoring a beautiful Rabona goal with Neymar. Apart from these two, there are some terrific skills that are on display which are simply mesmerising.

FIFA 15 FUT Strongest, Most Aggressive Ultimate Team

As we know, FIFA 15 Coins is a kind of ways to beat opponent,In order to balance FIFA 15, EA made varieties of chances. Now we can not simply rely on high-speed teams to cause a great deal of trouble to our opponent. The shooting difficulty is added. It is hard to goal depending on top football players. So far, FIFA15 environment became more and more a real game. Even if we have outstanding players, we still have to various tactics and good control penetration to cause big threats to the opponent.

Although EA adjusted the game, it is worth nothing that players’ stats are invariable. In intense football sport, players’ stats are undoubtedly significant. I recommend a useful team composed of several quite strong football players.

The average PHY of the team is approximatively 90. Moreover, Attack Workrate and Defensive Workrate of Tevez, Rooney, Vidal, Di Maria and Zabalete is High.

The biggest highlights in the team are TIF POGBA and orange TOURE. Both of them are definitely top Midfielders.Pogba can not only runs on a large-scale ground for a long time but also have strong enough body against any opponents. Movement, pass, long-shot and protecting the ball is awesome. Needless to say, it is well-known that he has fierce intercept, perfect passing as well as large defensive area.

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UTfifa15coins – Let’s look at FIFA 15 Team of the Week Introduces

FIFA 15 Team of the Week Introduces 

EA Sports is continuing its regular delivery schedule for the Team of the Week for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15 with a new package which features a lot of superstars like Robben, Adreea Pirlo, David Silva and Griezmann.

The attack of the Team of the Week has some solid firepower which will give players plenty of options in front of goal with the French and the German team leaders joined by Commons from Celtic.

In midfield, football lovers will be able to get access to a line of four that features: Silva on the right, Candreva on the left, and Pirlo with Rablot in the center.

The defensive line is made up of the usual three: Skrtel, Rolando and Rosales.

The goalkeeper for the EA Sports-built team is Agassa.

Gamers can also pick up seven substitutes for their Ultimate Team squad, some of which might be useful on the pitch and others who are destined to be traded.

FIFA 15 is ramping up the content delivery

Recently, the team at EA Sports has introduced Bobby Moore, the most important player in the history of the England national team, for the Legends side of the Ultimate Team mode, with a set of characteristics that rival those of the best modern players.

He is only offered on the Xbox One, but gamers on all platforms can now use the various players who have received a range of updates from the studio in the past two weeks based on their performances over the first half of the season.

All winter transfers that took place in the real world are now reflected in FIFA 15 as well, with gamers able to experience accurate rosters in all modes.

EA Sports has also been recruiting music stars and players to play the sim in order to draw in a larger potential audience for the title.

It is unlikely that the developers will deliver another patch for FIFA 15 before the company shifts most of its focus to the new title in the series, which will probably receive a full reveal for its features before E3 2015.

So Let’s keep fighting, you can get them by make Coins in FIFA 15 or buy FIFA 15 Coins. And you can play against them on the ‘Team of the Week Challenge’ section within FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on your console. And If you get more powerful players by buy FIFA 15 Coins, you can easily to beat them.