Improvements of FIFA Ultimate Team

Since FIFA enter into fans’ eyes 22 years ago, the series has improved a lot of, and the trend is growing. So, we can get a result that their business model is reasonable, in other words, it have beautiful future, but while FIFA is dominant for now, only evolution and improvement can keep PES lurking in second place.

things fans demand

FIFA 14 was a tremendous instalment of the game, and FIFA 15 is a natural progression up from that, but both were far from perfect, and both could have been further improved by the addition of slick features to take gameplaying to an extra dimension.

Users’ annual £40+ purchase is worthwhile for the game, because plenty of obvious amendments, including simple fixes to actually make the game more realistic and a lot of fan views that they hope we do. But the question remains, will EA listen to the fans who have skyrocketed the series into the list of console gaming essentials?