Simulation of Suarez Suspended in the FIFA 15

In Uruguay before suarez against Italy committed “tooth bite each other defender giorgio chiellini shoulder” of bad behavior, Uruguay striker luis suarez was FIFA’s disciplinary committee suspended from nine games, and can’t attend all activities associated with the football four months of punishment. Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Online, We are the Top-rated sellers UTfifa15coins for cheap Fut coins!

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The FIFA disciplinary committee decision said suarez suspension period applicable to the first game is the next FIFA World Cup in Colombia and Uruguay on June 28, 2014.

This also means that the premier league this season and the European golden boot winner of the World Cup tour has ended in advance. In Uruguay and the 79th minute of the war of the Italy, suarez with chiellini box for the alleged bitten to then shoulder, left chiellini opens his shirt on the spot, left shoulder to the referee to protest, but the referee did not call for suarez. Prison, Uruguay’s 1-0 victory over Italy into the top 16, the Italian team was knocked out.
EA Sports decided to simulate real world football at the same time, so I decided to 15 in the FIFA game suspension for synchronization. In fact the game according to the real suspension is not the first time, it makes the game more authenticity, before stage “the madden football 15″ Ray Rice, also announced that it would ban.


Messi Brings Joy to American Fans

After the Clasico, Messi and Mascherano flew to Washington, and participated in the Argentina team training. In training the day before yesterday, Messi suddenly felt right leg unwell, he left the training ground and immediately went to the hospital to be checked. Messi was injured or not in the end? Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Service on

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According to World Sports Daily and Daily Sport newspaper latest news, Messi has personally confirmed that his body does not matter. Argentina’s training base located in the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington. Messi’s arrival detonated local fans enthusiasm. In order to avoid some unexpected accidents, the local strengthen the security forces around the base training. And the local media Washington Post also spent a great length on this Messi’s visit, at the same time stressed: “This is the world’s most famous soccer player.”
Coincidentally, Henry, also played in the end of his career in the United States, had recently commented on Messi. Henry, worked together with Messi at Barcelona, said: “I remember when I first went to Barcelona, Messi had vowed to become the world’s best player in the future when he was just a child.”

Archeage March Lastest Updates in Talking

Updates are short but sweet. On Saturday, March 28th, at 1PM Eastern Time, 10AM Pacific Time and 5PM UTC Time, the awesomely fun and talented CohhCarnage will be livestreaming our first Alpha video during his broadcast. If you haven’t had a chance to check him and the Cohhilition out yet, this is a great time to do so. Cohh can be found and all the other great streamers in his Cohhilition can be found here archeage gold.


FYI, Cohh is a former Dark Age of Camelot player and fan. We couldn’t be more excited about what he is doing on Saturday!

Will we see more video streaming sessions with Cohh? Will he be participating in some carnage in Camelot Unchained™? Will he be streaming more Alpha (and beyond) sessions of our game?

Stay tuned, CU & CohhCarnage fans. Same Cohh time, same Cohh channel! 🙂

Other than that, work continues to move along nicely. Here’s some quick highlights:

1) New resumes of senior programmers are beginning to flow into the studio!

2) We are working on our new user-focused roadmap (like the P.A.T. checklist, an inside look at our milestones) for the first stage of Alpha. It probably won’t be ready to publish this week, but who knows?

3) We’ve started work on our next Stretch Goal. If all goes well, it will be an interesting one.

There may be another update on Friday, and possibly another test on Saturday, but we’ve been so focused on getting everything set up for the current stage of Alpha that the bleeding-edge build hasn’t gotten the love it is used to getting from us. We still have two days before Friday is over, so…

No matter what though, check out Cohh’s livestreaming on Saturday here, he’s a great listen and well, if you haven’t been part of our Engine/Tech Alpha testing, here’s a great chance to see the game in action!

Some Tips About Using Barcelona Better In FIFA 15

Barcelona have been far ahead after the Champions League quarter-finals, and they are once again established unrivaled position. Messi’s Barcelona having already scored 43 goals in this year’s campaign, and sitting on top of European footbal, since Cristiano Ronaldo has received most of the plaudits in the last two seasons. If the Enrique’s men engage in Real Madrid in El Clásico, Lionel Messi will take on Barcelona’s tally, besides Neymar and Luis Suarez.

top tips

While many teams have attempted to ape their style, the closest you’ll get to playing like Barcelona is in FIFA 15, and, thanks to this team guide, you can replicate Barca’s brand of stylish football – certain to be on display in the big match – and dominate the very best opponents.

As mentioned in my Real Madrid FIFA guide, you should not feel constrained to just a single formation across the course of a game. Altering your tactics to counter your opponent’s strategy – or being forced into a change due to a red card – are both decisions you may have to make, but if you’re looking for a consistently lethal formation, 4-3-1-2 is best.

This setup, a variation of 4-4-2, allows you to make the most of the abundance of talent at your disposal, particularly in the striker department. Indeed, the front three of Neymar-Messi-Suarez is one of the most clinical attacking trios of all time, so it’s in your best interests to play them up front.

The form that Messi sits behind the potent duo in a free-roaming role which links the midfield and attack with devastating impact is allowed. But many player reduce the Suarez and Neymar’s capability and waste their finishing ability, since they give more preference to a 4-3-3 system. Besides, the blistering speed and excellent technical ability of Barcelona’s wing-backs means that you have no chance to struggle.

FIFA 15 Premier League Squad Guide

The new English Premier League have appeared after the most influential FIFA 15 winter transfer and update, which requires you to do something for improving your FIFA 15 teams. Is it possible to get some great players since the newly updated feature?


The Barclays Premier League with several new cards will be revised. Courtois is still the goalkeeper with higher rating. De Gea already was the EPL goalkeeper with better reflexes, even before the upgrade. He strengthened his first place in the list of goalkeepers with best diving.

Nobody is taller or shorter. The choice for the best English Premier League goalkeeper on FUT 15 is not easy. As what we can see, the position is in good hands if you choose Thibaut Courtois or Hugo Lloris. They are both equivalent on the most important attributes.

For the cheapest goalkeepers, Asmir Begovic is a good choice. He has better reflexes and diving, and also the second tallest.

For the centre backs, Koscielny was upgraded, but he is still far from the Kompany quality. Kompany and Mertesacker are still who defend better. However, there are no big changes in the centre backs with best physical.

The new card of Koscielny, Gabriel and Can are now good choices for who is looking fast players. However, Kompany is the NO.1 choice, fast with good defending and attacking attributes. Koscielny and Mangala are the centre backs that come closest to Kompany’s quality.

The player’s stats will be changed after the upgrade, so need to improve your teams of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and see new cards. Are you looking forward to it for new card? Share your view by leaving comments below.

FIFA 15 New Title Update Can Improve Ultimate Team Stability

FIFA 15 has released a new PC-only title update after the previous title update. Although it is a small update, it addes to stability of FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

The company says, “Our commitment to improve the FIFA 15 experience is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements. Thanks again for your continuous feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the EA Forums. We’ll continue to provide you with information through those channels as and when it becomes available.”

The Ultimate Team stability issues don’t seem to be present on the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 4 and the PS3.

EA Sports has not said whether it has plans to introduce any more title updates for FIFA 15 specifically designed to change the core gameplay mechanics of the sim.

It’s necessary to improve stability for the company that is celebrating sixth birthday. You will be notified automatically when the patch can be downloaded.

FIFA Generated Record $2B Revenue

It’s reported that the revenue of FIFA is $2 billion and break the record. With the the success of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, international soccer’s governing body get the unprecedented achievement, and the annual financial report will be published Friday.

FIFA Revenue

In the four-year period between the 2014 tournament and its predecessor, the organization generated over $5.7 billion in revenue, leading to a $338 million profit for the period. The organization also has cash reserves of over $1.5 billion.

The report said that revenue had significantly increased compared with the previous four-year period, bolstered by higher income from the sale of rights, particularly in marketing and television.

Outgoing expenses also increased during the period, which the organization said was due to higher investments in soccer projects worldwide, increased costs for the organization of the 2014 World Cup, and increased administrative costs. The report stated that 72 percent of FIFA’s overall expenditure was invested directly in soccer.

FIFA’s profitability is in stark contrast to 2014 World Cup host Brazil, where around $15 billion, much of it public funds, was spent on infrastructure projects and stadiums connected with the tournament, according to the Associated Press.

FIFA covers the operational costs of the World Cup, which it says run to about $2 billion. It has tried to counter criticism for the enormous costs endured by Brazil, saying that many of the investments in infrastructure “are not directly linked to the cost of the World Cup and some have not even been made for the World Cup. [Brazil] will benefit for many years to come from investments in road networks, airports or telecommunication systems.”

The benefits of some of Brazil’s World Cup investments, however, are dubious at best. The most glaring example of a useless asset is the $300 million Arena de Amazonia, located in the city of Manus on the Amazon river, 1,700 miles from Sao Paolo.

The stadium hosted four World Cup games, but the city has no top-flight professional teams to use it. What it will be used for in the future is unclear. The cost of the stadium’s monthly upkeep is $250,000, according to NPR.

Brazil saw widespread protests against high levels of public spending on the tournament in 2013.

The report also revealed that while FIFA spent $36.6 million on its Goal program — which aims to financially support the growth of soccer in developing countries — it spent $39.7 million in executive committee stipends and senior management bonuses.

However, the FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s salary and bonus payments were Controversial and not published as in previous years.

EA Celebrates Sixth Birthday of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

EA released that a series of players be handed out to celebrate the sixth birthday, and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team fans will have chance to get Birthday Cup and some players this week.

Sixth Birthday of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Until March 29 all fans will be able to get one free pack every single day as long as they log into the football sim, each of them an occasion to get access to the biggest stars of the sport.

A special Birthday Cup for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is alt were included in previous Team of the introduced, with each gamer able to get a rare tradable in-form version of players tha

Gamers can get access to superstars like Cristiano Ronalso, two types of Lionel Messi, one upgraded and one not, Neuer, Philip Lahm and many more.

To quality gamers need to play at least one match of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team during the week and the official store is also introducing new player packs every day, with EA Sports set to give out more details about them on social media.

Ultimate Team is the most important long-term attraction of the series at the moment. Ultimate Team was largely ignored by the public when it was first introduced because it seemed like just another way to attract attention to the already well developed multiplayer element of the FIFA experience.

Six years later the mode has become one of the main reasons why a lot of fans are picking up the EA Sports football simulator and vast sums are spent in order to secure access to the best players and to create a competitive team.

Recently the developers have introduced an entirely new Price Range concept, placing upper and lower limits for all players, with the long-term expectation that they will make the playing field more level for all those involved.

Recently FIFA 15 also received a fourth major title update, mostly concerned with stability, and EA Sports is at the moment also working on the version of the title that is supposed to be launched later in 2015.

There are no further details have been provided, maybe you can find it out in late September.

Best Goals of Round 15 For FIFA 15

Maybe you think that you are good at FIFA 15, if you haven’t seen this video. let’s watch a high-quality game video.

What a wonderful game! Do you have any views about this video, please share with us by leaving comments below.

FIFA Ultimate Team Sixth Birthday Celebration

We are celebrating the birthday of FIFA Ultimate Team. You can not seem to imagine for the ture that FIFA Ultimate Team turns six years old. EA SPORTS FIFAprovides a series of special activities from March 23, 2015 until March 29, 2015.

FIFA Ultimate Team

  • FREE packs – As a thank you for your support, we’ll be giving every FUT fan one free pack every day!
  • FUT Birthday Cup – play at least one match in the FUT Birthday Cup for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks! (Winners will be chosen at later date.) – Full list of available In-Forms below.
  • Special pack offers – new pack offers will be available every day!

For every player, it is no doubt that this week will be filled with all kinds of surprises. Thank you for your support again for six years!

View more details of FUT 6 Year Celebration Giveaway –