About the WOW second expansion

The World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade have been on the shelf. And there is no more new information about this first expansion. Players are putting their eyes on the next expansion for World of Warcraft. In WOW forum, Players are discussing this topic. However, Blizzard poster on the World of Warcraft forumgave a assured answer: They are working on the second expansion, but no more info about the 2nd expansion now!

Below are the details in WOW forum:

Do you guys (Blizzard Ent.) have any preliminary plans for the expansion after The Burning Crusade? Possibly a delve into Northrend? Opening up Hyjal?s current zone? Exploring a 3rd faction comprised of neutrals, i.e. Ogres, Goblins and the like; which would open up the possibility of exploring Undermine? Expanding the second seemingly obscure instance entrance in Stormwind? Allowing the general populous into the Emerald Dream? Opening Uldam in Tenaris? Hero Classes?

Ideas from Tegras of Argent Dawn

Q u o t e:
-Player Housing
-Guild halls
-Guild Banks
-Seige Weapons
-Destructable buildings
-A new class

Also, if there are plans, do you think it might be slated for less than a years time; faster than the current expansion which from original release is looking like a little more than 2 years to become available? I really love this game and love seeing it grow, just a bit curious as to what we might see after we conquer Outland.
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Edit: Ty Nethaera for your response, its fueled a lot of discussion :)

Here is the answer from the Blizzard Poster

Yes, we are working on plans. No, I can?t tell you what they are, how far they are or what timeline we are looking at. Sorry. :(

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