Scam Policy

Below are guidelines to determine whether certain activity constitutes scamming in World of Warcraft. We evaluate each incident on a case by case basis, and we may take action beyond what is detailed here. Due to the negative effect scamming has on its victims, we have very little tolerance for it; severe action will be taken against known habitual scammers.
Note: If you would like to appeal a penalty placed on your account, contact our Account Administration team.

What is a scam?
What is a guild bank theft?
What should I do if I get scammed?
What should I do if the contents of my guild bank are stolen?
Will I get my items and money back?
I was scammed again! Can you help me?
I grouped with a “ninja-looter,” can I get the item that I am entitled to returned?
I bought an item out of game and have not received it! Can the GMs help?

What is a scam?
A scam is the act of acquiring items or any other possession from another player through misinformation, confusion, or fraud. In short, using any sort of deception to gain at another’s expense. If you are unsure if your particular case fits the criteria of a scam, contact a GM in-game and they will be able to assist you.
If a player is found to have perpetrated a scam, that player may be suspended from the game and have any money or item gains removed

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What is a guild bank theft?
A Guild Bank Theft is the act of stealing items or money from a guild bank; specifically, the wrongful taking and removing of property, using bank access gained by deception or exploitation. Because bank access must normally be granted by a legitimate officer of the guild or the guild leader, gaining using exploits or deception to circumvent those protections is a serious offense.
This category includes removing goods from a guild’s bank using access gained by deception or exploitation. If a player is found to have perpetrated a guild bank theft, that player may be temporarily suspended from the game or have any money or item gains removed.

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What should I do if I get scammed?
If you fall victim to a scam, contact us. In situations where we can verify that a scam took place, a GM will attempt to intervene and assist the victim with the recovery of their items.

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What should I do if the contents of my guild bank are stolen?
If the contents of your guild bank have been stolen by someone who was not granted access by the Guild Leader or officers, or if another player gains access to your guild bank using deception, contact us. In situations where we can verify that the withdrawals were outside the permissions set by the Guild Leader, a GM will attempt to intervene and assist the victim with the recovery of their items.

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Will I get my items and money back?
Due to the many variables involved with item reimbursement and types of scams, restoration is not guaranteed. We will make every effort to verify your particular case and, once verified, will try to assist in returning the missing items to you. Refer to our Character & Item Restoration Policy for further details on recovering lost items.

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I was scammed again! Can you help me?
While we will make every effort to assist players in need, we want players to learn from their mistakes and take measures to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated. In this way, we prevent players from becoming career victims and using the GM Staff as a shield against scammers. To this end, players will only be allowed a certain number of item restorations, including those lost to scams and guild bank theft.

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I grouped with a “ninja-looter,” can I get the item that I am entitled to returned?
Players who loot items within a party’s selected loot rule set (for example, Master Looter or Need Before Greed) do not meet the criteria for scamming, and will not be investigated. If there is a clear in-game agreement about loot distribution and a player violates the agreement, a GM can investigate a scam. For more information, see our Ninja Looting article.

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I bought an item out of game and have not received it! Can the GMs help?
If you are scammed outside of the game, we will be unable to assist you. We do not support, condone, or investigate these types of transactions.

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Tips to Avoid Scams and Theft

Never give your prized possessions to anyone you do not trust

There is never a reason to hand your items to an unknown player. Casting enchantments to your items can be done safely through the trading window. Moving an item to the “Will not be traded” box in the trading window allows other players to enhance the item without it leaving your possession. Use caution when someone you don’t know suggests a proposal or deal.

Buyer beware

Many scammers will attempt to scam through the auction houses. Be careful with the items you decide to purchase. Always confirm the cost of the item before bidding or purchasing. In player to player transactions, confirm the item you are trading or purchasing before accepting the trade.

Real Blizzard Employees will never ask you for items or gold

Be wary of players attempting to use the guise of being a GM or Blizzard Employee to trick you into giving them your possessions. If a player ever attempts to defraud you in this fashion, right-click the player’s name in chat to report them.

Do not participate in cross-realm trades

We do not support the trading of gold or items across realms. Players who participate in these types of transactions do so at their own risk.

Keep your account information secret

Account sharing is against our Terms of Use. Scamming and account hacking can be attributed to account sharing. Any time you share your information with another person, the security of your account is seriously compromised.

Validate all guild invites

It is common for multiple characters on an account to be in the same guild. Be sure the character you are inviting and promoting is actually the person they say they are. Asking the character to log onto the character they claim to be is a great way to deter imposters. 

Exploitation Policy

In an effort to preserve an enjoyable and fair experience for all players, we constantly monitor all World of Warcraft realms for exploitative activity. Using internal tools and special processes we can detect behavior that is harmful to the game environment. Accounts found to be participating in this behavior are promptly suspended or closed. We strive to protect our players from the negative effects of such actions. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis, and in extreme cases, take action beyond what is detailed here.

Bug Exploitation
We have a top notch Quality Assurance team who work tirelessly to stamp out bugs in the World of Warcraft. However, they face a constant uphill struggle with a game as large and complex as World of Warcraft. Some bugs are minor and do not affect gameplay, but sometimes these bugs can be used to provide an unfair advantage to certain players or to negatively affect the service itself. Factors included in determining an appropriate penalty for knowing exploitation of a bug include:

Whether or not the exploit is performed intentionally, maliciously, and/or repeatedly
Whether or not the exploit damages another character, their gameplay, the service itself and/or its economy
Whether or not an attempt has been made to conceal the exploit’s use

If a player is found to have abused/distributed an exploit, they may:

Be given a verbal warning if exploitation is unintentional and no attempt has been made to hide its occurrence
Be temporarily suspended from the game
In extreme cases the account will be closed outright

Bug exploitation that we consider extreme includes, but is not limited to:

Any exploit that has a severe negative impact on a realm’s economy
Causing disruption in service or intentionally crashing a realm/server

Abuse of Game Mechanics
The distinction between exploiting bugs and abusing game mechanics is a fine one. While bug exploitation involves the abuse of what is essentially a programming mistake, the abuse of game mechanics is the act of taking advantage of the limitations of the World of Warcraft game systems. Since the line between the sanctioned use and the abuse of game mechanics is sometimes unclear, we prefer to educate players before taking any action against the account being used. This category includes using/distributing game mechanics in a manner unintended by their design that:

Negatively affects another character, their gameplay, the service itself and/or its economy

If a player is found to have abused/distributed such game mechanics, they may:

Be given a verbal warning
Subsequent related offenses will result in temporary suspension from the game

Unapproved Third Party Software
A third party program is any file or program that is not a part of the World of Warcraft software, but is used in addition to the game to gain unfair benefit or advantage. These programs may increase movement speed or teleport characters from one place to another beyond what is allowed by game design. It also includes any programs that obtain information from the game that is not normally available to the regular player or that transmit or modify any of the game files.
Normally, this classification does not include UI modifications, except those UIs that require an external application to function. Some possible results of the use of third party programs can be instability of the game to the point that a player “crashes” from the game. External programs can also be used to transmit viruses, spyware, and other unwanted programs into a player’s computer. Third party programs can also be used to obtain information from the player’s computer, such as account, password, and personal information. 

Harassment Policy

The use of inappropriate and offensive language is not allowed. To help prevent the harassment of other players, we have implemented an array of in-game tools that players can use to help protect themselves from such abuse, including:

Ignore List
Mature Language Filter
Channel Management
Right-click > Report

Below are guidelines to help determine whether or not certain language is appropriate for the World of Warcraft. We tried to encompass all manner of barred language below, but there may be inappropriate language that does not fit into any of these categories. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case-by-case basis. In extreme cases, we may take action beyond what is detailed here.

Real-Life Information and Threats
This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Refers to violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game world.
Releases any real life information about other players or Blizzard employees.

Any player found in violation of this policy may receive:

A lengthy suspension from the game in which the infraction occurred.
A final warning; any further ToU violations will result in permanent account closure.

Note: In cases where we feel that there is a legitimate threat to individuals or property, Blizzard Entertainment may contact appropriate local, state, or national authorities, depending on the severity of the threat, to ensure a safe and complete resolution for all involved parties. If you ever feel that you are personally threatened in a Blizzard game or online environment, please report the issue to us immediately.

Highly Inappropriate
The categories below detail language deemed to be highly inappropriate:

This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Promotes racial/ethnic hatred.
Is recognized as a racial/ethnic slur.
Alludes to symbols of racial/ethnic hatred.

Extreme Sexuality/Violence
This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Refers to extreme and/or violent sexual acts.
Refers to extremely violent real life actions.

This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Promotes national hatred.
Is recognized as a national slur.
Alludes to symbols of national hatred.

Sexual Orientation
This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Insultingly refers to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players.

Any player found in violation of this policy may receive:

A warning.
A temporary suspension from the game.
A Final Warning, with any further ToU violations resulting in account closure.

Moderately Inappropriate
The categories below detail language deemed to be moderately inappropriate:

Zone/Area Disruption
This category includes language and/or actions intended to disturb groups of players or areas of the world, such as:

Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings.
Excessive use of in-game sounds or visuals.
Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas.
Impeding or blocking access to an NPC, doodad, doorway, or any other area of the world that a player would normally be able to access.

This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Is crude and offensive in nature.
Is an inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions.
Is pornographic in nature.

This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Is a mildly inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions.
Is otherwise considered objectionable.

Harassing or Defamatory
This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Insultingly refers to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people, be they in-game or external.

Major Religions or Religious Figures
This category includes both clear and masked language which:

Negatively portrays major religions or religious figures.

Illegal Drugs or Activities
This category includes both clear and masked language which:

References to abusing illegal drugs.
References to performing illegal activities.

This category includes:

Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
Repetition of the same phrase more than once in a period of 30 seconds. 

World Servers

Many players think of “World of Warcraft” servers in terms of world servers, or realms. These are essentially complete, self-contained copies of the game world named after people and places in Warcraft lore. There are about 200 realms in North America and other realms in different parts of the world. Playing the game on servers not owned by Blizzard or one of the companies that hosts official servers in Asia is a violation of the terms of use.
The realms come in three primary types:
Normal, or player versus environment (PvE)
Player versus player (PvP)
Role playing (RP) — there are also role-playing PvP servers
You can make characters on lots of different servers, but characters can’t communicate across servers unless they’re in the same player versus player (PvP) battleground.
A world server isn’t a single server, though — it’s a collection of servers. As of 2006, Blizzard had about 9,000 servers around the world [source: Vivendi].
When you log on to your “World of Warcraft” account, you do so using an authentication server. This server verifies your name and password before transferring you to the realm on which you last played. Exactly which portion of the server you access depends on where you logged out of the game. Blizzard hasn’t disclosed the exact architecture of its world servers, but based on the game’s behavior, several server divisions are clear.
Each of the world’s three continents — Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms and Outland — has its own servers. There’s also a separate server for instances, or the game’s dungeons. When a group enters an instance, the game spawns a copy of that dungeon for the group. Other groups and players can’t enter it. A database server, or a database function running within the servers, provides information on the locations and respawn time all of the items players can loot (pick up) or otherwise interact with in the game world, including:
Non-player characters (NPCs)
Herbs and mining nodes
Ships and zeppelins
Quest items
These items persist across all the servers that make up the realm. Some chat channels, like group and guild chat, are also accessible no matter where you are in the game world. Others, like general cannels for specific regions within the game, are accessible only when you’re in that particular zone.
Everything about your particular character, including the quests you’ve completed, your level and all your gear, is stored in a database that’s tied to your “World of Warcraft” account. You can log in from any computer that is running the game and find your character exactly the way you left it. This database can also interface with a Web server, allowing you to do things like look at other players’ gear and your own at the “World of Warcraft” armory. You can also pay a small fee and have your character moved from one server to another — Blizzard adjusts its database accordingly. 

World of Warcraft Addons and Mods

“World of Warcraft” has lots of ways for you to customize your game. You can access lots of settings through your interface options. These options let you change how your camera moves, which features your game displays and how you use your mouse to target yourself or enemies. Your video options lets you change the level of detail in the game world, which can help compensate for a slow processor or limited graphics abilities.
But suppose you want to completely change the way your party’s health and mana bars look when you’re in a group or see how much money you have without opening your backpack. The WoW interface options can’t handle these requests — but third-party addons can.
Addons are downloadable additions to “World of Warcraft” that players create. You can find addons at sites like Curse, WowAce and WowInterface. Here are some popular addons and what they do:
Omen is a threat meter. “World of Warcraft” mobs attack group members based on how threatening they are. Tanks, who can absorb a lot of damage, need to have the highest threat level in a group. Omen shows players how much threat they’re generating relative to the other group members who have the addon installed. Another threat meter is KLH ThreatMeter. The game interface gives players some information about their threat levels as well.
Auctioneer keeps track of prices at the in-game auction house. It suggests prices for items you want to sell and helps you figure out whether items you hope to buy are listed at a reasonable price.
Atlas displays maps of dungeons and flight paths, which aren’t included in the standard game.
Addons are created using the Lua scripting language. When you download them, they look like folders full of files. Some files are LUA format, while others are extensible markup language (XML) or table of contents (TOC) files. To install the addon, you simply move its entire folder to the correct location on your computer. These are the default locations:
Mac: /Mac HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns
PC: c:program filesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns
This makes the addon a part of your game’s file structure, which changes how the game operates. You can also download programs that will update your addons for you.
There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re using addons:
Blizzard doesn’t provide technical support for addons. If you have technical issues with the game, the first instruction you’ll receive from technical support will probably be to disable your addons.
Addons can carry malicious software, like key loggers that capture your username and password, to your computer. Keep your virus protection software up to date, and scan your computer regularly. If an addon tries to force you to install an executable file, don’t use it.
Your addons may break every time there’s a major update to “World of Warcraft.” You’ll need to download new ones.
The people who create addons are basically volunteers. Although many take their work very seriously, they’re under no obligation to fix bugs or to update their files. 

The Game Client: A Play-by-play

Let’s examine the image below as an example of how the “World of Warcraft” game client works. In it, a shaman named Yellowbell is collecting a stone for a quest, but she’s caught the attention of a goblin, which is on his way to attack her. Here’s what’s happening from a client perspective:
After pulling data from the archives stored on the computer’s hard drive, the client creates a representation of Yellowbell’s surroundings.
The client informs the server of Yellowbell’s position and receives information about stationary and mobile objects, or mobs, around her. A mob is essentially any wandering object in the world, but it’s most often used to describe attackable enemies.
When Yellowbell tries to pick up the stone, the client tells the server what she’s doing. It also displays a status bar, showing the player how long it will take for Yellowbell to retrieve the stone.
The client receives information about the goblin’s attack from the server. It interrupts Yellowbell’s stone collection when the goblin hits her. The client sends information to the server about how Yellowbell defends herself, and it receives information about the goblin’s actions and the progression of the fight.
Once Yellowbell kills the goblin and finishes collecting the stone, the client stops displaying it on the ground and instead displays an icon representing it in Yellowbell’s inventory. It informs the server that Yellowbell has collected the stone, so other players will no longer see it in the game world.
These are just the highlights. The client constantly accesses or receives information about the game world and the characters in it. The more other characters there are nearby, the more work the server has to do. This is why some players’ games can slow to a crawl in highly populated areas — the computer’s CPU and video processor can’t keep up with all the information they need to display. In some cases, the frame rate, measured in frames per second (FPS), can drop dramatically, causing players to see the world as a series of still pictures rather than a moving scene.
The client also stores information about your character and your in-game options in the WTF folder on your hard drive. Files in this folder are usually in one of three formats:
Text (TXT) files
WTF files, which can be opened and read with a text reader (like TextEdit on a Mac or Notepad on a PC)
LUA and LUA.BAK files, which come from the Lua programming language. 

Restore 200% of the sum of the two properties

We are going to the accessories to make some changes according to the testing and feedback. Our goal is: if you play badly, then this act the role ofing is tasted pretty good also. If you play well, then this adorn article can provide some better returns. We’re going to try with the following changes to better achieve our goal:
Duration of 10 seconds (down from 20 seconds), double but chance to trigger.
The properties, improve your highest value equivalent to 200% of the sum of the lower two other properties. For example, you have 3500 masters, 5000 crit, haste. 7000 Accessories fires, you gain [crit – 3500 master – 3500, + 17000] rapidly in the buff. And the old logic, is the highest attributes of the buff doubled. 

Crab: DOT damage lock too outstanding balance druid is best

Online correction:
?Mage: netherstorm, activity and ice bomb damage increased by 40%.
We currently arcane, fire and frost mage relative balance in the PvE was satisfied, but the output of the department of the three mage expected from us still have some gap. We hope to pass the 5.2 a copy of the team players can benefit from many aspects, especially the mage output has increased, but now I haven’t seen. We don’t want to change the output loop mage, or forcing the player to change specialization, so that we can do relatively passive adjustment.
We have decided to strengthen the bomb damage, because their situation in three-line specialization is relatively similar, and the approximate mage passive output. We are not need casting skills because the mage will be in the fierce mobile warfare or loss of a variety of battle damage over more output, this is not what we want to see. If the gain is not in place, we would be happy to make more changes. But we think every back to do some slight modification, better than enhanced too, have to back to weaken the better.
?Warlock: corrosion damage reduced by 25%.
?Warlock: apocalypse that damage reduced by 25%.
?Priest: shadow word: pain damage reduced by 25%.
We hope to continue to hurt specialization of sustained damage in some need have excellence, but the problem is pain, demonology and shadow on a wide variety of battle damage is too great, even without many continuous damage is quite strong in battle. So far only balance is satisfactory. We
?The death knight: impact on around the secondary objectives are mainly target 50% damage (was 65%).
?The death knight: rune strike damage by 25%.
?Soldier: shield slam damage increased by 25%.
?Soldier: protective warrior seriously damage by 50%.
We are very concerned about the death knight. Frost and evil behavior is very grab an eye, but frost in the area attack performance beyond our expectations, even after this change, will remain strong.
The output of the tank is difficult to use digital to measure, because some tanks are care about their output, they will do all we can to improve; However other tanks are more content to play a traditional role of tanks, only care about survival ability and control the princes, and the output doesn’t mind. So want to through the data analysis to determine whether it is rather difficult to find out the output potential of tanks. At present, we think warriors and death knights do tanks when the output is a little low, so we made some adjustment.
Please keep in mind that our goal is not to put each specialization’s performance in fighting for assimilation, because it will be very boring. We don’t want to put things very extreme, make some specialization seem’s contribution to the team could do without. Because in terms of a copy of the team’s performance, and everyone’s opinion is relatively subjective, so we hope you pay attention to this point when make Suggestions. 

Keen thief enhancement shaman monk will undermine popular?

“We also hope you can to soothe the fog of the trial in actual combat, not in this paper. Now comfort is a 15% chance the basis of the fog of the generated gas, when a jump did not produce gas, the risk will be increased by 15%, not produce gas every jump to soothe the fog of the increase in gas until it produced, then the chances will be reset.
Damage to adjust
Yes, this is like a roller coaster given, our process is to make changes, if not in line with expectations will change again and again. If you think it look very uncomfortable, just hold on for a week or two.
Cancel to combat the vitality of strengthen, still provide attack strength by 30%.
Low to cancel part of slay weaken, killed now reduces damage by 15%. (have mentioned before, we adjusted the legendary colorful gems.)
When the sunrise play now to improve your damage by 10%, from 15%.
Low light sword now increases damage done by hands melee weapons by 15%, from 10%.
With low ghost now increases your spell damage to the target by 30%, from 25%. Ethernet standard as before we had weakened pain magic festival of sacrifice, this is part of the compensation.
Low to cancel part of combustion and sacrifice, before is + 20%, is now a + 15%.
When we noticed that in the case of equipment graduation, sharp thief, enhanced with popular monk DPS is still too high. But these aren’t easily play good of specialization, in this premise is not easy to reach the level of damage theory can maintain the status quo or. Just want to remind you that we keep an eye on this. 

Rising Worth Playing Now That It’s F2P?

High-Quality. Low Prices. First-class Service
Dear customers, thank you for your support of our company.
Here, there’s good news to tell you: The company recently
launched a number of new fashion items! ! Fashionable
and welcome everyone to come buy.
As I feared… a lot of new things coming out are mostly only for Elites or Cash Shop.

Such as Pet systems, new mounts (all will be Elite/Cash Shop, there will be no PvE obtain mounts)
All costumes will be Cash Shop as they have stated before F2P launch on their website.

Enchanting system, the success rate have actually changed (or felt like it, and experienced by others), the rate is lower and harder to enchant to a higher + bonus. (because I see way less +12 enchants than before, it’s either because they lower the rate or it’s become way harder to obtain Alkhasts)
Especially the fact that they removed Masterwork from Specialty Stores and can now only be obtain from Drops (and as the Publishers said… in future Cash Shop)

However, if you have lots of money to spend or doesn’t give a damn about Cash Shop.
Than TERA will be one of the most fun game you’ve play (at least until future better games come out)
if for business -> f2p is ur best choice to lead a way to earn fast money :3
If for gameplay -> I rather suggest to tera gm or admin prefer stays as p2p../cause f2p will cause lots of booters/hackers come to rot at here spoiled the game :3
It’s fun when you’re leveling but end game is still lacking and now the game is leaning more towards a cash shop heavy mmo