Developer Round Table Pt. 2Developer Round Table Pt. 2

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is poised to be unleashed on the world in the very near future and the open beta has already commenced. On a recent trip to Heatwave Interactive, writer Richard Cox participated in a round table discussion with CEO Anthony Castoro, Lead Designer Tim Schubert, Producer Phil Tittle, Community Manager Donna Prior and Product Manager Shannon Drake. We’re presenting this terrific interview in three parts to keep the channel tuned right here through Wednesday.

Speaking of crafting, any hints?

Phil Tittle: I’ve never enjoyed crafting in MMOs, but I tried our system and it just may make a crafter out of me. It involves some thinking. There’s no mindless mouse-clicking here. No setting up your automated mouse clicker program and going to another room to watch a movie. I really think the community is going to like it.


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