Diablo 3 monks frozen monster seamless output tips

Today Kozo demonstrate a relatively small minority of the method, only a skill – instantaneous shadow play, comfortable foot + take place, and can achieve a seamless output in the face of frozen. Although this method for Cheap D3 Gold is very long been mentioned, but Kozo raised again, to help a lot of new people into the temple recently.The instant shadow cast to play the first three action in the process is the the immune control field (for example, swirls, fixed body, fear, frozen), but will still hurt (such as playing in the the ice ring explosion ongoing instantaneous shadow, although it will notbe frozen, but the ice ring will be weak damage). So depleted in your blood, may still be multiple the ice ring tiny harm KO.

Frozen is undoubtedly one killer of the monks in Diablo 3, many monks Friends of flutter Street are able to escape the frozen relations, how to crack this trick?For Parkour stream, storm raid is undoubtedly set on foot and walking is located in one of the nirvana, although occasionally by some kind of bug back to place.Romantic for traditional ponley King, some people choose to cope with a special passive – do not move a mountain to meet; while others passive tense, only with the Teleport of ponley and flair to walk + invincible.
Saw the ice ring fast bombed, and has been holding down the stand attacking (default shift) + instantaneous shadow play, mouse pointed to blame, the bombing until all the ice ring. Why hold the stand attacking? Set up to fight because Kozo in Diablo 3 instantaneous shadow in the left mouse button, if little less strange would not release the instantaneous shadow playing. Why to be located on the left mouse button? Because on foot, with the instantaneous shadow on the front of the box can fight, you can fly directly over, if the point of shape, it becomes walked over, unlike in other keys as place, causing embarrassment . 

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