Diablo3 Demon Hunter Abilities and Builds Guide

While we do yet have a complete list of Demon Hunter abilities, there have been a lot of abilities revealed to us. Most of the abilities are either crossbow skills or involve bombs, although there are a few odd moves like Fan of Knives. We are sure we will also see some sort of damage-reduction builds or maybe even clone-type ability like the Amazon had in Diablo 2.
So you should pay more attention to our website, when the Demon Hunter Abilities released, we will update immediately.

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Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide Builds
We are sure players will be able to specialize in either crossbow attacks or bomb/trap type attacks, or create a hybrid of both styles of play. Since you can only equip 7 abilities at once, creating a character which specializes in Bows seems completely doable if the bombs and gimmicky attacks are not relevant to your interests.
We will update the information when the game is released and hope to have up leveling and farming Diablo 3 gold builds in time for players to get their hands not the game.
For those looking for a replacement for the Amazon in Diablo 3, the Demon Hunter is your pick. While it does have some abilities which seem similar to the Assassin, this class does not appear to be a melee class.

If you are looking for a hard-hitting melee class aside from the Barbarian, you should definitely check out the Monk class.
And just remember that we will give you more useful information when the game is released and hope you to play this game smoothly, and we also offer Diablo 3 power leveling to you to level your rank for your own characters. 

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