Double XP Weekend & Black Friday SaleDouble XP Weekend & Black Friday Sale


The Everquest 2 team has announced that players will be able to take advantage of a double XP weekend beginning on Thursday, November 24th. In addition, the Marketplace will be giving players some hot deals for Black Friday.

We know you’ll probably be stuffing your face with Turkey over the next few days, so why not also stuff your experience bars? That’s right – we’re having a Double XP weekend! This weekend, from 12:01 am PST on Thursday, November 24th, until 11:59 pm PST on November 27th, we will be running a true Double XP (+100% XP) promotion. The bonus applies toAA, tradeskill and adventure experience this weekend. Our French, German, Japanese, and Test Servers will also be enjoying the increase in XP gain. Huzzah! So have a very Happy Thanksgiving and when you’re done eating with the family, we’ll see you in Norrath!

Indie developer, Redbedlam, has announced the creation of a new MMO called “The Missing Ink”. Calling their game a “mostly traditional MMO”, the team has revealed that some of the world’s most enduring stories live in The Missing Ink but with a twist: “Each of the stories are strangely corrupted.”

Players are treated to very traditional MMO elements such as questing, dungeoneering and “quite literally saving the world” but are also given the tools necessary to create and share their own adventures and stories.

Kerry Fraser-Robinson, RedBedlam’s Managing Director commented, “leave me alone – I’m busy.”  Later, he somewhat more constructively added, “Oh for the press release? Right.  Let me see.  Tell them it’s funny.  Ground-breaking.  Innovation oozing from every pixel.  A showcase for our artistic talent and technical expertise.  And it’s free.”The Missing Ink is slated to begin beta testing in early 2012 and will kick off for multiple platforms in Q3 2012. 

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