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In the latest Chronicles of One Telaran,’s Paul Crilley discusses the recently released Ashes of History content as well as his continuing journey towards the capital city of Sanctum.

 Hello there. And welcome back to The Chronicles of One Telaran, my ambling guide through the exciting world of RIFT. Lots to talk about this week. New things popping up everywhere. New discoveries made, new things to do. (For me, anyway.)

First off there was last month’s release of Ashes of History. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually reached the capital city of Sanctum yet, so I don’t think I can take part. (You can only get the Ashes of History quests from your capital city, which means I must still be at too low a level. Hopefully, if I eat my vegetables and do my exercises I’ll have progressed far enough by next week to see what’s going on. Yes, that’s right. I am still under level 15. (Level 11, to be exact.) I’m a slow leveler, you see. I like to explore, take in the scenery, stop to chat, as it were. But I have to admit, I’m now very curious to get to Sanctum and to find out about these World Events

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