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We are in high gear as PAX East 2012 kicks off and we want to give you a heads up on what we’re looking forward to checking out during the annual convention.

Technically, I suppose GDC 2012 was the start of show season, but as sort of exclusive club GDC is more about the developers than the fans and the games they want to see and play.  That’s what PAX East is all about.  The second largest gaming convention on the east coast, PAX East is shaping up to be an awesome time this year, with a little something for everyone planned.  As you read this, I’ll be dozing on a plane to Beantown, Suzie will be running the show, and Garrett will be wishing he was in Boston with Mike and I to see all these awesome games.  Let’s give you a rundown of what we’ll be seeing this weekend when it comes to MMOs, and then we’ll touch on the weekends biggest event for online gamers… The Future of Online Games Panel at 6pm on Friday in the Main Theatre.  I mean, I may be biased, but you’ll see why.  Scan down to read about that.
Battlestar Galactica Online is a browser based MMO based on the popular television show of the same name. We’ve been jetting around space in BGSO and putting it through its paces. See how it fared in our latest review.

Two years have passed since the initial Battlestar Galactica Online announcement, and Bigpoint now boasts close to 10 million registered users. This might be a good time to mention that registering to play BSGO is so easy that you can practically do it by accident with one-click Facebook connect. Does this mean that 10 million people registered accidentally? Not likely, but those that decided to take a pass on the game are probably the real winners.