First-Look Preview First-Look Preview


Jagex has been hard at work on 8Realms, a browser-based strategy title. Before summarily dismissing 8Realms out of hand, be sure to read our first look preview of a game that is

said to “sap Internet users’ remaining free time”. Leave us a couple of comments when finished!

As the conversation lulls one moustachioed developer nervously addresses the agenda “just how do we sap Internet users’ remaining free time?” Shocked, the others grumble with

trepidation, before slowly turning their heads towards the shadowy figure at the helm of the meeting: stroking a white cat, and wearing a silver jumpsuit, the CEO of Jagex

clears his throat, palms his shaven head and announces “ladies and gentlemen I give you 8Realms, soon the [Internet browser] world will be ours!”. Cue “Daah-Naah-Naa” music.