World of Warcraft for Consoles in The Works

Is World of Warcraft coming to consoles? It could be the biggest question of 2008. the website of Gameplayer released a report from Chris Ansell regarding the potential future of World of Warcraft on consoles.

Ever since Blizzard’s mighty MMO burst onto the scene in 2004 it has taken the planet by storm, surging into the homes of millions, turning the epidermis of entire communities into a seedy shade of white and increasing global obesity by an estimated 5%*. It’s the ultimate in escapism, transporting close to 10,000,000 users to the fantasy land of Azeroth where they can forget their day jobs as schoolteachers and plumbers to become all-powerful Warlocks taking down fiery beasts in the depths of active volcanoes. To date, it is an experience only enjoyed by PC gamers.

Until now…

A bigwig with connections to the highest levels of Vivendi management has seemingly confirmed that World of Warcraft is coming to consoles.

“…we have to make sure we support it. Because next-gen consoles demand it. We have to be online. Obviously it’s gonna get more and more like what WoW are doing, with thousands of players on consoles, eventually. Which is pretty exciting. I can’t wait for that. It’ll be pretty fun.”