Crab: DOT damage lock too outstanding balance druid is best

Online correction:
?Mage: netherstorm, activity and ice bomb damage increased by 40%.
We currently arcane, fire and frost mage relative balance in the PvE was satisfied, but the output of the department of the three mage expected from us still have some gap. We hope to pass the 5.2 a copy of the team players can benefit from many aspects, especially the mage output has increased, but now I haven’t seen. We don’t want to change the output loop mage, or forcing the player to change specialization, so that we can do relatively passive adjustment.
We have decided to strengthen the bomb damage, because their situation in three-line specialization is relatively similar, and the approximate mage passive output. We are not need casting skills because the mage will be in the fierce mobile warfare or loss of a variety of battle damage over more output, this is not what we want to see. If the gain is not in place, we would be happy to make more changes. But we think every back to do some slight modification, better than enhanced too, have to back to weaken the better.
?Warlock: corrosion damage reduced by 25%.
?Warlock: apocalypse that damage reduced by 25%.
?Priest: shadow word: pain damage reduced by 25%.
We hope to continue to hurt specialization of sustained damage in some need have excellence, but the problem is pain, demonology and shadow on a wide variety of battle damage is too great, even without many continuous damage is quite strong in battle. So far only balance is satisfactory. We
?The death knight: impact on around the secondary objectives are mainly target 50% damage (was 65%).
?The death knight: rune strike damage by 25%.
?Soldier: shield slam damage increased by 25%.
?Soldier: protective warrior seriously damage by 50%.
We are very concerned about the death knight. Frost and evil behavior is very grab an eye, but frost in the area attack performance beyond our expectations, even after this change, will remain strong.
The output of the tank is difficult to use digital to measure, because some tanks are care about their output, they will do all we can to improve; However other tanks are more content to play a traditional role of tanks, only care about survival ability and control the princes, and the output doesn’t mind. So want to through the data analysis to determine whether it is rather difficult to find out the output potential of tanks. At present, we think warriors and death knights do tanks when the output is a little low, so we made some adjustment.
Please keep in mind that our goal is not to put each specialization’s performance in fighting for assimilation, because it will be very boring. We don’t want to put things very extreme, make some specialization seem’s contribution to the team could do without. Because in terms of a copy of the team’s performance, and everyone’s opinion is relatively subjective, so we hope you pay attention to this point when make Suggestions.