Keen thief enhancement shaman monk will undermine popular?

“We also hope you can to soothe the fog of the trial in actual combat, not in this paper. Now comfort is a 15% chance the basis of the fog of the generated gas, when a jump did not produce gas, the risk will be increased by 15%, not produce gas every jump to soothe the fog of the increase in gas until it produced, then the chances will be reset.
Damage to adjust
Yes, this is like a roller coaster given, our process is to make changes, if not in line with expectations will change again and again. If you think it look very uncomfortable, just hold on for a week or two.
Cancel to combat the vitality of strengthen, still provide attack strength by 30%.
Low to cancel part of slay weaken, killed now reduces damage by 15%. (have mentioned before, we adjusted the legendary colorful gems.)
When the sunrise play now to improve your damage by 10%, from 15%.
Low light sword now increases damage done by hands melee weapons by 15%, from 10%.
With low ghost now increases your spell damage to the target by 30%, from 25%. Ethernet standard as before we had weakened pain magic festival of sacrifice, this is part of the compensation.
Low to cancel part of combustion and sacrifice, before is + 20%, is now a + 15%.
When we noticed that in the case of equipment graduation, sharp thief, enhanced with popular monk DPS is still too high. But these aren’t easily play good of specialization, in this premise is not easy to reach the level of damage theory can maintain the status quo or. Just want to remind you that we keep an eye on this.