Diablo 3 Unexpected Allies Quests Guide Online

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Talk to Asheara near the doors of Caldeum
Conversate again with Asheara to enter the Imperial Palace
Kill the demons that inhabit the Imperial Palace
Eliminate even the Summoner of Demons
Escape from the Imperial Palace
Pass the Sewers of Caldeum to complete your escape

Returning to camp hidden, talk to Tyrael. So, move in the direction Caldeum Bazaar. Once in the area, proceed west to the Gates of Caldeum. There, you will find Ahseara speaking with Captain: converse with her, and then follow it to the entrance to the Imperial Palace. Therefore started a second conversation to be teleported to the Emperor. After a short cutscene, you will reject some waves of Writhing Deceivers – nothing complex, remember only avoid positioning near the corners of the rooms, not to be overwhelmed by the great number of opponents.

Therefore outputs through the doors of the City of Caldeum. Follow the linear path, killing the Magi Scaled and Writhing Deceivers along the way, until you reach the Demon Summoners. Destroy them, along with the other demons they evoked – recommend a preferred approach “body”, it is still of Summoners and therefore rather weak in the department purely physical.

You will therefore recommend proceeding to the outside of the sewers. Follow the linear path still killing the demons around you, until you reach a fountain. Move towards its south-east side, where you can see a grid connected to the sewers: Leah will open the exit, and you can safely enter, finally completing the Quest.