Revisiting Dome CityRevisiting Dome City are committed to making sure that game we review not only are hit with the initial review on release but also to revisiting popular titles further down the road after patches and content updates or expansions have come into play. With that in mind,’s Robert Fooks brings us a re-review of Global Agenda. Check out Robert’s thoughts about the game and then add a few of your own!

Returning veterans of Global Agenda will notice several new additions to the game as soon as they log in. First and foremost, they will most likely no longer have to surrender their credit card information prior to entering the game world. Yes, in the months since release, Global Agenda has entered the questionable world of free-to-play. In perhaps the most sweeping change to GA, Hi-Rez Studio has not only nixed the subscription based model, but they have also ceased charging for the game itself. Implemented in their place are several alternatives to sustain the game’s profitability. The available payment models can best be explained on 3 levels, Free account, Elite account and applying a booster to your account



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