Thanking the CommunityThanking the Community

The team at SOE behind DCUO is rewarding their community for being patient during recent “issues that took us some time to resolve” by throwing a reward their way in a bid to help get everyone just a few steps closer to their Tier 2 armor in preparation of next month’s update. You may have noticed that we recently experienced issues that took us some time to resolve, we appreciate your understanding during this effort – and your patience with the time it took to resolve. As a thank you we would like to award everyone 7 Marks of Distinction. We hope this helps you along your way to earning your Tier 2 armor in preparation for next month’s assault on The Fortress of Solitude! Thank you again for playing DCUO – your dedication is our inspiration! Please check your Journal starting tomorrow June 18th for a Mission called Shock to the System to receive your reward.


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