It is understood, Little Angels Kindergarten

Demolition of the occasion, there are still many parents to send their children to school.This internship reporter Wang Deyang Photo Report from our correspondent (internship reporter Liu Jia) recently, the Haidian District West Eight Mile Zhuang area will be Wanshou tower project construction, the area within the Little Angels Kindergarten will be demolished, more than 200 migrant students are dropping out of school.
The Haidian District Education Commission the relevant responsible person said, the kindergarten has no formal qualification, it has no right to interfere.Family members called for, hope the government will take the triage policies, so these children can learn.
Park surrounding the classroom now demolished crack at noon the day before yesterday, through the dusty rubble, into a two meters wide streets, roadway beside a written in red “down the broken walls, is about to be demolished the little angels kindergarten.
The iron fence kindergarten posted notices, announcements called here will have other projects, require the area units and individuals in May 20 recently completed the demolition.In this notice is adjacent, Kindergarten under the landlord in April 15th the company posted a notice, request park units in April 20 recently moved out.
It is understood, Little Angels Kindergarten, small, large, preschool, in all 6 classes, older children 7 years of age, the youngest only 2 year old.The preschool years, a 30 square metres room crowded with more than 50 children, the children take a nap put tables and chairs away, put children to bed.
The day before yesterday at 2 pm, the kindergarten kindergarten children are taking a nap, Liu Yuanchang pointed to the classroom ceiling cracks said, “upstairs hammer chisel wall of sound, the residents do begin demolition, to wake up the children, don’t scare them,” said Liu director, he most worried about is that the building structure was destroyed, “in case the house collapsed, as events”.
Teachers leave children or school Liu Yuanchang said, at the beginning of 2010, he saw around many migrant workers are busy to make money to support a family, no one to take care of young children, and decided to set up a nursery.
The registered capital is insufficient, a classroom, lack of teachers, illegal identity, little angel just walked two private kindergarten.Liu Yuanchang said, in the ruins of do in kindergarten, is not the way, “although we are told several times, still have parents wanting to send their children, said that as long as the kindergarten in, was determined to send their children.
“Mr. Liu’s son was 6 years old, in the kindergarten preschool.Mr. Liu said, after a few months, his son would rise primary school, come unexpectedly taken notice him panic, “to primary school children have to interview, this months if not go to school to forget”, in desperation, Liu decided to let the child in the neighborhood nursery school, but because of each kindergarten the system is not the same, “I asked a lot of, all kindergartens are not received, children to school”.
Called on the government to help triage according to understanding, Little Angels Kindergarten and directly under the landlord signed a lease contract in 10 at end expiration, demolition notices posted, an Ruishun Cheung company several times to find Liu director, says it will give the kindergarten section demolition, urging its removal as soon as possible.
Liu Yuanchang said, in the past few days, received the news of the demolition, the kindergarten teacher asked for leave too much, can substitute.Yesterday morning, the company of a delegation to the consultations, promised to try to help find new venues kindergarten.
The Haidian District Education Commission the relevant responsible person said, the kindergarten is not a compulsory education, Little Angels Kindergarten without formal qualifications, garden of children in shunt not to board of education management, also have no right to interfere.

BLZ’s design BOSS battle system is just high attack, making a roll call, control, magic, diseases, curses and AOE, etc. Actually the saying is correct, at least, from the appearance of wow until now, most BOSS is following the mode, including the famous Alsace and Illidan. Now let’s discuss the version from old to now, which BOSS battle systems make you feel refreshing, but not chiche.

The classic old world
Onyxia: deep breathe. It is the most classical BOSS, as it is the first big group copy BOSS in WOW history. The hint makes most people nervous is “Onyxia takes a deep breathe”. From then on, the age of WOW being net game came.
MC: standing on today’s point, maybe every MC’s BOSS is old form. But from the other side, most of BOSS modes the form.
ZUG: all skilled Harcar. You can face the final BOSS without killing any monster, but you will see all monsters’ skill at the final BOSS.
RAQ: Blu. It is the first time BOSS doesn’t staring at someone to kill, but chasing and staring together.
BWL: Chromaggus. The first random BOSS.
BWL: Nefarian, pointing. When your RL screams SB MS, you still brush. When you heard some screaming with dirty words, could you think how interesting the BOSS it it?
TAQ: Viscidus. It is just a poison.
NAXX: Patchwerk. The famous hatred beat comes after BLZ.
NAXX: Thaddius.