Wow gold—my love for wow

I am a wow amateur and play the role of alliance pastor in the game world nearly half a year, while I still don’t achieve 80 level. In wow, i’d like to do task with other players. At the moment of handing on task, I have a great sense of achievement. I like the beautiful scenery in wow, such as Nagrand, Thunder Bluff, Greyville, Stranglethorn Vale and so on. If you like wow, you will love the pretty scenes gradually. I would like to beat FB with others, though I am not a good operator, my skills are good. I like the intense atmosphere when we beat BOSS together. At first, it was a little out of order, while the feeling is better soon. I like the moment to kill BOSS. It is very awesome.

I like my priest role; I like my “Aberration” and “Dissipate”, as they always save my life in critical moments. I like to put shield on others people, as seeing the shing haloaround their bodies is very nice. I also like another role and the description for it: the faith to darkness, the desire for power, the loyalty for evil, the yearning to rules. Regardingfallen as a kind of sublimation. Undead, immortal. Yes, that’s it – the ghost. So every time I get online, I drink a potion, which can change myself to ghost shape. It is very cool, especially in the battle.

Though I don’t play wow a long time, I learn a lot of things, such as brushing FB. It taught me teamwork is very necessary. It will lead of fail if anyone quit. But I don’t know much about other roles. I like wow very much. Though I just play it in spare time, without it, I just think I lost something in my life. Actually, wow is not only a game, but also an attitude to life.