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The importance of XP in Madden 18

Madden NFL 18

Undoubtedly, Xp is the main point for you to build a Madden Ultimate Team. XP can be earned by your each action’s performance in MUT, but can not gain by completing Sets, Objectives, or opening Packs. So the best and only way to gain XP is being active in game and try to play every mode. The more you played, the more XP you will gain.
XP in Madden-Mobile
In primary stage, each player will begin from level 1. With playing and leveling up players will unlock different mode in MUT, such as access to MUT Champions or H2H Seasons. If you venture more you will unlock special offers in store or can also get access into new Solo Challenge in MUT.

The Level Cap will be 30 at launch and as time goes by, the Level Cap may increase. By the way if your reach the Cap you will obtain extra bonuses that anyone else can’t get. Normally the screen will shows you the summarizes of each game after ending, you can know what you did achieve and what you obtained. Below we provided a list of the actions that you can earn XP:

First solo challenge win of the day
First H2H win of the day
How many quarters you completed
Margin of victory/margin of defeat
Offensive yards gained
Total team tackles
Sacks and interceptions

last suggestions: Try to play every mode, keep every feature moving! Have games active in Seasons, Head-to-Head, and Live Events. This keeps the game fresh, and allows for plenty of chances to earn XP and Coins.

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How To Do Target Passing Better In Madden 18


At Madden 18, you were thrown into a place where the ball was not being directed to the receiver. If he is running while he is passing, then you have to lead the ball first. TP will allow you to select a more precise area to provide the ball, but will also take some habits because there are more steps.


So we will introduce Madden 18 guides for how to do Target Passing Better In Madden 18, here are more details:

• Find the place where the ball will go before throwing

• Guide the shallow route to the site before reaching the edge

• Place the ball between zones to force your receiver to slow down

• Guide the ball to the ball that only your recipient can get

• Throw a regular route even before cutting, even when your receiver is pressed

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How Is the Passing Feel In Madden 18


Madden 18 will be released in August, but some Madden players could play it now and they has shared the play experience for Madden 18, so I excerpts a part to see how is the passing feel in Madden 18.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas CowboysThe first thing you started to play is that the player does not look the same. They are more calm, more reality. The referee face is different. You can say for sure that this is a new engine.

The second thing you will notice is how ridiculous it is. The animation is certainly smoother than ever before, the robot is less – Madden NFL has always felt a bit stiff – great impact on the receiver opening and catching the ball. They now feel heavier, big recipients are more likely to defend themselves and open.

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What Are Features Of the Longshot In Madden NFL 18


If you are a Madden 18 fan, you must will know that EA sports has released a new trailer to introduce a new play mode in Madden 18, which named Longshot. Many Madden 18 players said that like this new game mode, compared to the boring rules of the game before the game to increase the storyline, allowing players to better integrate into the game, a better experience of the fun of the game, my colleagues are much more Funny stuff.



So today, I will introduce some features about Longshot to help you know more about Madden NFL 18, here are two features about Madden NFL 18: Multiple Endings and Longshots MUT Cards.

Longshots MUT Cards

Wade and other characters from the story can be unlocked for use in MUT. The version of the player you get in MUT will depend on the ending you reached in the Longshot story.

Multiple Endings to Longshot

There will be multiple endings to the Longshot story. Not everyone’s Wade will achieve his dream. That could serve as a reason for gamers to complete multiple playthroughs.

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Buying MUT 18 coins on Madden-store Will Never Be Scammed


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