FIFA 20 Trading Tips

This section of trading tips is huge and vastly extensive. To begin, we’ll cover the basics. Buying player cards for less This may sound pretty obvious but it is crucial to making a decent profit. The primary thing to do is to pick a popular player who is going to be fairly cheap.

Particular traits to look for are speed, acceleration, strength, agility, ball control and obvious ones for position types.

Defenders: strength, jumping, heading. Midfielders: passing, vision, long shots. Strikers: finishing, attack positioning, heading, strength, agility.

We had a lot of success on FIFA 19 with Sturridge and Remy for the BPL and Ibarbo and Muriel for Serie A. On FIFA 20 U4GM Team had a huge amount of success with Fabian Delph and Luke Shaw. FIFA 20  – U4GM made huge profits using Ashley Williams and Alberto Moreno. To single out these players, it is far easier since the changes made, back on FIFA 20. Read below for examples of our success from the previous version of the game.

You can now search for the player’s name so this makes it easy to single out a player. If you want to be even more specific you can add a position to the search for all players (barring the GK and CB’s, who can’t have their positions changed). Next, you need to scroll through maybe 20-30 versions of the same player card so you can get an idea of their market value and what people are bidding on them. If you see a few people placing bids of say 700 FIFA 20 coins then you want to be scrolling through and placing bids on any versions of the player you’ve chosen which are under 1,000 coins. You’ll be surprised how many you can find. If you have the time then adding these players to your watch list and waiting until 30 seconds of the auction remain, then this is the best way.

Your best bet is to ignore shiny gold (rare) or black cards (in-form players) to begin with, as these usually go for thousands or even tens of thousands of FIFA 20 coins. The IF player cards can reach 100,000 – 5,000,000 which is a long way off for a beginner!