ESO Morrowind Battlegrounds: Battling Scenes

It’s time to see battling scenes of Battlegrounds in The Elder Scrolls Online. Weeks ago, ESO launched a PAX East 2017 event which providing fans the first hands-on opportunity to try the upcoming small-scale, fast-paced PvP game mode. Plus, some PAX players experienced thrilling battles with new Warden characters.

In this video, we can see some players experiencing Foyada Quarry’s unique dangers in PAX East. The dense granite quarry is one of three exclusive maps in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and the special map of Battlegrounds features three unique game types which consists of Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Domination.

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More details of the Battlegrounds in the video are waiting for you to discover! Check out it and find more highlights!

Mu Legend Added 3v3 PvP Mode, Trading NPC And More

Webzen officially announced, for the global edition of Mu Legend, the version of Hack-n-Slash sequel, in this summer, excepting South Korea, of course, where the game has already launched. More Mu Legend relevant news and update, recommoned you visit professional website:


In the meanwhile, the studio stated that they will be devoted to the fine-tuning of the new features added to the open beta in the last remaining months, to name a few, 3v3 PvP mode, trading NPC and much more. The highly anticipated MMO features powerful hack ‘n’ slash combat, various PVP modes and stunning graphics. More cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling for sale, don’t miss the chance.

Webzen also respond to some problems that gamers put forth, the length of the testing period, Webzen’s Facebook stressed that they deem it’s better to take time than rush, The first closed beta was only starting 5 months ago. Indeed, the second closed beta test for MU Online’s sequel, MU Legend, revved up today.

Mu Legend is a hack-and-slash sequel to Mu Online and features gameplay similar to that found in online action-RPGs. A world that millions of players around the globe have cared deeply about for over a decade. Gamers are now always buying cheap Mu Legend Zen.

Albion: Some Ways To Develop Destiny Board Paths

Albion Online consists of PVP as well as PVE activities, realistically, everyone can act as some characters in Albion, each piece or armor, weapon is crafted by players, and the only way to get these are to craft them yourself or buy them off them off the auction house. To some gamers, they can totally be self sufficient, what this means is that grinding for resources daily to hit the next crafting tier. A large number of gamers are dedicated to buy cheap albion online gold at u4gm.


Do you want to get a decent amount of gold? you can try to explore daily solo expedition dungeons, then you can get some gold. In addition, gamers can also choose a few progression systems on the Destiny Board to focus on, hence, based on what activities you enjoy, and pick your favorite paths, and which crafting paths are the most lucrative.

Of course, if you are a social players, Albion Online truly shines. When you join a guild, progressing your Destiny Board becomes a whole lot easier, if you can do so much, and keep everyone sustainable. Honestly, in the last couple of years, all towns is filled with buzzing, it’s not hard imagine to that this is the most socially active games.

Gamers are always working together for the end goal of fighting each other in huge Guild VS Guild wars that is rewarding. You can also breed some horse and ox which can be sold to players to make mounts, you can build your own house. A lot of ways to develop your Destiny Board paths. More Albion Online informations and more latest guides, tips, tricks, official website can offer to you more:

Final Fantasy XIV: The Realm Of Eorzea And FFXIV Characteristic

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for PlayStation 4, enter the realm of Eorzea with players from around the world in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PlayStation 4. More Final Fantasy XIV latest news, official website can be offered to you more:


When it comes to Eorzea, as a land embraced by Gods as well as forged by Heroes, in order to be in control of this area and its abundant crystal resources, a massive host on a campaign was sent by the Garlean Empire, and mainly aim to conquer its southern neighbour. Under madness driven, the commander of the invading forces silently plots to tear the moon from the heavens and hurl it down upon the land.

The people of the realm soon lean of this foul scheme and join their hands in prayer in an eleventh-hour attempt to entreat the aid of the gods, only to see their endeavours fail. From within the moon emerges Bahamut, an ancient terror seething with rage fueled by countless generations of imprisonment. Sensing the tug of fate, a powerful magus channels the last of his strength to send Eorzea’s heroes in to a temporal rift.

The characteristic of Final Fantasy XIV includes a unique armoury system that allows you to change to any of the nineteen different classes simply by changing your equipment. Develop your character however you want, anyway, anytime, anywhere. In addition, along with Incredible new graphics engine that delivers a high level of detail and quality.

Potions As Well As Consumables Are Quite Significant In Albion Online

In Albion, speaking of alchemists in the update, one of the most exciting is the all-new herb garden, gamers can be allowed to create their own herbs, and by creating one of seven different potion types. However, these potions are extremely useful. Generally, the case with consumables in MMOs, and produce a variety of effects including: (More Albion Online latest official news, welcome to visit professional website:


A short energy over time effect
A slowing field created at your feet
A short heal over time effect
A potion that instantly removes negative effects
A strong increase of your defense values
A flask to revive an incapacitated ally
A potion that increases the regeneration of spell use

For the virtual chefs out there, buff-granting foods can also be produced that offer some longer lasting benefits:
Sandwiches. Increase your maximum health
Stew. Gives a bonus to combat damage
Soup. Increases Health Regeneration outside of combat
Salad. Increases crafting speed and quality
Omelette. Reduces cooldown periods and casting times
Pie. Increases maximum load and gathering speed

In the highly player-driven economy, potions as well as consumable foods undoubtly play a important role, even if in older MMOs, this is quite fairly common. By the way, if you want to possess a wonderful gaming experience, there is no doubt that the best albion online gold supplier is your top choice, u4gm is your wisest option.

How To Get Rich In The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls is one of the most beloved RPG series of all time, and now players can make their love for Tamriel multiplayer thanks to The Elder Scrolls Online. Set centuries before the events of Morrowind and Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls Online lets players pick sides in the war for the emperor’s throne. Nords, Khajiit, Bosmer, and every race in between can join one of three factions fighting for power and engage in quests, random events, and exploration of the massive open world with friends and strangers.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold, also known as ESO gold, is the universal currency of the game and used by all three alliances. Aside from the usual questing and leveling, the most popular means of obtaining gold, tend to be crafting and trade-skill related. Even though gold income from those activities depend a lot on the market, they tend to be a lot less erratic than that from dungeon runs. Then we’ll give you some tips on how to get rich in ESO.


Step 1 Do Every Single Quest

The easiest way of making money in the Elder Scrolls Online is simply by doing the quests you’re given at each major hub. This’ll make up a large portion of your income, regardless of whether you’re speeding through the game or crafting/collecting a ton on the side.

Step 2 Explore Everywhere

Before moving to a different zone, make sure that you have every single area in the map explored completely. There are a ton of different out of the way quests to find that can be very profitable. In addition to that, going off the beaten path will allow you to find a ton of material nodes for crafting as well as dungeons that don’t have a quest associated with them. These dungeons are a great place to grind when you’re burnt out on questing because the mobs and bosses within them tend to respawn quickly and drop great loot.

Step 3 Pick Up Everything

Loot everything you see and gather all nodes you come across. Early on in the game, make sure to loot every enemy you come across. You’ll be vendoring the majority of those items, but that money adds up and it’s a great way to earn it early on if you’re a new player.

Step 4 Invest in Bags Early

The more bag space you have, the more junk and crafting materials you’ll be able to hold while you’re out questing. Porting back and forth to towns and questing areas can eat up a bunch of time, so don’t be afraid to spend money early on for additional bag space, as they’ll pay themselves off quickly.

Step 5 Join a Crafting Guild

MMORPGs are powered by their players, and this is especially true in the Elder Scrolls Online with its guild system. You can join up to five guilds on your account, and it’s best to join as many different crafting guilds as you can. Not only will you have a great place to sell gathering materials and crafted goods, it’s also a great place to forge relationships with other players that you can trade you crafted items with. Remember that items crafted by other players yield better results when deconstructing.

Step 6 Invest in a Mount Early

Getting a mount as soon as it becomes available will let you complete quests faster, getting you rewards and experience faster. It’ll also let you find nodes a whole lot quicker and bypass smaller fights that waste your time in between questing hubs. For your first mount, make sure to level it up with more inventory space.

Step 7 Get Alts

Alts are a great way to make additional money. In one regard, they’re pretty much free bag space. You can funnel your excess materials from your main character to your alts very easily with the way their set up. In addition to that, you can use them to focus on other crafting professions and just use your main as a gatherer. They’ll be able to specialize their crafting professions easily, as the majority of that is based on waiting for skills to completely upgrade.