NBA Live Mobile Is Now Ready for Season 2016-2017

If you like playing NBA Live Mobile [Free], the most recent update should make you smile. As of yesterday, the overall game has been update to reflect the 2016-2017 NBA season, knowning that means new courts, jerseys, and new rosters, including new rookies. The new update also has added Daily Objectives to the action and a lot of fixes to your gameplay. The most important ones are improvements for the passing game that now allow one to pass the ball across the perimeter without losing it easily, bumping into other players does not imply you’ll lose the ball now – although AI can continue to steal the ball of your stuff – alley-oop mechanics are actually fixed (that has been a huge community request according towards the developers), plus much more fine tuning.

In addition about bat roosting changes, the rosters are already updated to reflect player moves, new items are actually created, where there are now over 40 new rookie players through the most recent draft. So, for many who enjoy playing the experience, this update should help it become better all over. You can check all the changes in more detail here. The update is live now, so go look into the new season.

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