Maplestory V Limitless Update Will Be Launched Tomorrow

According to Maplestory V Update official site, the Limitless update for 5th job will be launched on November 30th. This Limitless update is all about getting you ready for 5th Job coming in December.

To help you reach level 200, the producers are opening several events and applying some changes to help you level faster.

The Mega Burning Project event is back and for those of you who haven’t participated in this event in the past, you can select one new character to get two free levels every time they level up! Pro tip: You’ll want to burn your character at level 2 or 5 to get the most benefit.


For those of you who reach level 140, the Breakthrough V event will be giving you a free level up potion every 10 levels, until you reach level 200. The Breakthrough V event also awards additional items such as slot expansion coupons, Maple Point coupons, cubes, scrolls, and much more.

To give you some gear and help you level, they are also running the Play V Reward event that allows you to get Meso, Cubes, and even a 12 Star Absolab Weapon! All these rewards can be obtained both in Reboot and Non-Reboot worlds.

As far as permanent changes, the total cumulative EXP required to reach 200 has been reduced by about 30%. The larger changes to the EXP needed can be seen at higher levels, from about level 105, all the way to 200. At level 105, the amount of EXP needed to level up is reduced by about 10%. This reduction rate compared to the previous level curve quickly starts increasing until it is about 30% lower at level 200.

The producers want all gamers to be able to get 5th job and explore the new Arcane River area in December.

Are you ready for this event? If you have no idea about what to do before that, visit our site and find our previous articles that concerned about Maplestory V Update.