Maplestory V Limitless Update Will Be Launched Tomorrow

According to Maplestory V Update official site, the Limitless update for 5th job will be launched on November 30th. This Limitless update is all about getting you ready for 5th Job coming in December.

To help you reach level 200, the producers are opening several events and applying some changes to help you level faster.

The Mega Burning Project event is back and for those of you who haven’t participated in this event in the past, you can select one new character to get two free levels every time they level up! Pro tip: You’ll want to burn your character at level 2 or 5 to get the most benefit.


For those of you who reach level 140, the Breakthrough V event will be giving you a free level up potion every 10 levels, until you reach level 200. The Breakthrough V event also awards additional items such as slot expansion coupons, Maple Point coupons, cubes, scrolls, and much more.

To give you some gear and help you level, they are also running the Play V Reward event that allows you to get Meso, Cubes, and even a 12 Star Absolab Weapon! All these rewards can be obtained both in Reboot and Non-Reboot worlds.

As far as permanent changes, the total cumulative EXP required to reach 200 has been reduced by about 30%. The larger changes to the EXP needed can be seen at higher levels, from about level 105, all the way to 200. At level 105, the amount of EXP needed to level up is reduced by about 10%. This reduction rate compared to the previous level curve quickly starts increasing until it is about 30% lower at level 200.

The producers want all gamers to be able to get 5th job and explore the new Arcane River area in December.

Are you ready for this event? If you have no idea about what to do before that, visit our site and find our previous articles that concerned about Maplestory V Update.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05: New Features And All Game Balancing Tweaks List

Last weekend, for NBA 2K17 1.05 update, it had officially been launched on consoles, it’s safe to say that it was quite massive. About 7.0 GB gigabytes was offered by NBA 2K17 for PlayStation 4 as well as 4.4 gigabytes for Xbox One. Additionally, it also brings in a laundry list of major adjustment, at the same time, improvements that support for HDR and PlayStation 4 Pro were also included. There is the full list of all game balancing tweaks and new features. In order to meet players requires, here is also offer cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.


NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 – MyCAREER/MyCOURT

For fixes, these include solutions to the inability to play next game in MyCAREER, inability to view triggered story scenes, incorrect amount of VC reward, inability to purchase shoes, inability to pass by watched story scenes, and being stuck in the line during the Free Throw Golf drill.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 – Gameplay

For the gameplay, delaying MyTeam Blacktop rounds through reach-in fouls is removed. Given its appropriately well-appointed, the Jamal Crawford double behind-the-back combo size-up move functions well. Pro stick shot aiming has become much doable in the broadcast cam. Shot timings in Real Player % are no more, catching short passes more dependable, frequency of “ticky tack” shooting fouls reduced, and illegal screens fixed. Improvements include the Offball motion responsiveness, CPU’s double team logic and defensive AI decision making.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 – MyGM/MyLEAGUE

Points of Emphasis is back. Advanced Rotations improved. NBA logo placed on the right spot. Fixes include content filtering for approved city names, modified player attributes, a lag when using SimCast and a few others. Additions include injuries in head-to-head game and color improvemetns for the Kansas City Knights uniform. It’s so easy to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 – General

For general improvements, NBA 2K17 is now available on PlayStation 4 Pro supporting a native 4K resolution at 60 fps. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also get HDR support. The Cleveland Cavaliers court flooring sports the team’s latest design. The late Nate Thurmond receives an honorable tribute with the #42 patch attached on the uniforms of The Golden State Warriors. More uniforms as well are made more authentic in terms of design.

When customizing set of players, post-release uniforms can be used in Play Now mode. For custom roster made after Oct. 15, post-release shoes will show up in game mode saves. This also applies when changing to a new mode. When employing the default broadcast cam, users will be able to turn off the “zoon in paint” selection. Included also are fixes for inability to unequip specific animations from their MyPlayer.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 – MyPARK/2K PRO-AM

The update also provide fixes: (1) to lag while hopping to another MyPARK, (2) camera-related issues on free throws in Pro-Am games, and (3) inability to use custom jumpshot in MyPARK. For improvements, team rosters can be viewed right from the Power Rankings menu in Pro-Am, team members have distinct color indicator in Pro-Am, Grand Badges appear on 2K Card in both games, Got Next is available to teams in Rivet City even while the game is ongoing. NBA 2K17 virtual currency on offer supply? why not to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT online immediately.

NBA 2K17 Grand Badge: How To Earn It

Real money can buy NBA 2K17 badges, nonetheless, in order to earn those badges have to be painstakingly earned. As usual, the skills badges has three tiers, including silver, bronze and gold, on top of that, above them are the hall of fame badges. Aside from badges, how to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT?


A Reddit user named sushiondeck recently discovered a badge set greater than Hall Of Fame. These are called the Grand Badges. Once unlocked, they provide players with a special meter which results in a temporary uptick in archetype skills.

For a brief period of time, players with a Sharpshooter archetype can’t miss from reasonable distances. Playmakers, Shot Creators, Point Forwards and other archetypes will experience a similar performance boost. Until now so many players are focus greatly on buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

Players can only get one Grand Badge per archetype. They can do so by earning all Hall of Fame Badges for that particular archetype. Some say a Gold Badge is also required. Once a Grand Badge is unlocked, a red icon will appear under the player. This will indicate when the performance boost can be activated.

Aside from Skills upgrades, gamers also need to develop their character’s demeanor. Listed below are the different Personality Badges which greatly affects a player’s emotional reactions during in-game scenarios:

Reserved: A player who keeps to himself most of the time.
High Work Ethic: Works harder than the typical NBA player.
Friendly: An outgoing player who is well-liked by his teammates.
Legendary Work Ethic: The gym rat of the team. He is hardest worker among his peers.

In addition, speaking of All-Time Great, a players who try himself best to be the best in the business, in accordance to DPS VIP, in the last 15 played game, by posting a high FGA to Assists ratio, the All-Time Great Badges can be earned. At the same time, Are you ready buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT?

NBA 2K17 Throwback Thursday Packs In First Week Of November

Hours ago, NBA 2K Twitter account released a photo with Throwback hint:

“Now in @NBA2K_MyTEAM: Throwback @Sixers & @Suns! Open packs for a chance to collect & play with Dr. J (reward), Dan Majerle & much more!”

throwback 76ers

throwback sun

All signs point to the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns being included in this week’s round of NBA 2K17 Throwback Thursday packs. Earlier today, the NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter account dropped this hint:

“The name of both teams’ cities starts with the same letter — and both collections include fathers of NBA players (one currently active).”

Two other hints followed. The first one said that Team A has had two players who would eventually go on to coach the franchise. Meanwhile, Team B has two players who have played for the franchise multiple times.



The second hint said that Team A has a player whose nickname shares a “strange connection” with a new movie. Meanwhile, Team B has a player known for “bringing the thunder.”

The latter is easily the most telling sign that the packs will feature the Sixers and Suns. The “strange connection” being referred to is undoubtedly Dr. Strange, Marvel’s latest film– which hits theatres tomorrow. In the NBA, there’s only one doctor that 2K could be referring to: Dr. J himself, Julius Erving. As for the player who “brought the thunder,” that is definitely former Phoenix Suns forward “Thunder” Dan Majerle.

Erving played for both the Sixers and New York Nets during his storied NBA career, while Majerle also had stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. However, the first hint about the two cities sharing the same first letter points to Philly and Phoenix getting the nod.

Based on these facts, it looks like a sure thing to us. Are you excited to crack open some throwback Sixers and Suns packs tomorrow?

Thunder Dan, The Dragon and The Brazilian Blur available now in the new Throwback Packs of The Suns while the historic Sixers collection includes a pass-first PG (Maurice Cheeks), former #1 Pick (Doug Collins) and a 20 & 10 PF (George McGinnis).

Which players would you like to see in it? Let us know what you think of this. Stay tuned to U4NBA for more news on NBA 2K17 and more.