Guide of Coins Purse Farming in the ArcheAge

There are many kinds of coinpurse in ArcheAge, of which the Jester Coin Purses is many players want to farming, checkout where to farming jester’s coinpurse in here: Easy Making ArcheAge Money – Jester’s Coinpurse and A Spot for ArcheAge Auroria Armor and Jester’s Coinpurse Farming. Knowing these places you can farming, so which / what is the best or efficient ArcheAge Class for it? offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

archeage cheap and fast gold

Sorcery + Witchcraft + Any

Any: Battlerage (Harbinger) / Defense (Cabalist) / Occultism (Demonologist) / Songcraft (Lamentor) Auramancy (Arcanist) / Archery (Stormcaster) / Shadowplay (Daggerspell) / Vitalism (Shaman)

What is the Best ArcheAge Class for Coins Purse Farming?

Wearing plate armor, Enervate + Flame Bolt = Mana Regen, and the Withcraft passive skill of Baleful Recharge can convert 2% of the damage inflicted on an enemy to mana. This build can farm for hours and never run out of mana or health.
For example, farming coin purse at rookbrne giants (single target)
Magic Circle → Flamebolt → Freezing Arrow → Flamebolt (4/5 times) → Enervate → Mudhand → Flamebolt

Of course, Primeval with meditate, Battlemage (Sorcery + Defense + Occultism), Shadowblade (Shadowplay + Battlerage + Witchcraft) and Hexblade (Battlerage + Defense + Witchcraft) class is also the best to farm coin purses fast, you can farming in rookborne all day or for hours, 200-240 mobs per hour, if you use any foods or items, it will up to 250+ kills an hour.

Believe that there still other class what you think is the best for coins purse farming to making money, so trade pack VS coin purse farming, which is the better? Depends if you like to gamble or not. Farming purse for a chance at archeum, moonlight, starlight, every 100 gives you 6-7 gold. You might get lucky and those 100 purses might be worth a lot more. Trade packs are guaranteed archeage gold, you can open 200 coin purses after an hour and get nothing if you are so bad lucky, so choose trade pack or farming coins purse is up to you. GOOD LUCK.


ArcheAge Takes Serious of Player Interaction

ArcheAge is to become more focused on open world content in future updates, moving away from instanced dungeon content in order to bring about better interactions and relationships between its players. offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

ArcheAge BigBoat

That’s according to XL Games’ producer Yi Kwangro and design team manager Ham YongJin, who both appear to want to infuse ArcheAge with the spirit of community and friendship. Aww.

Speaking with PCGamesN, the ArcheAge developers discussed the future of the piratical, ship-captaining MMO. In particular, they addressed the clear shift away from instanced content and towards more open world style updates.

“We believe that becoming more powerful through leveling and item farming is a means, not the end,” said Yi Kwangro. “We don’t want to focus on attaining power only, because we want the players to interact with each other and create relationships and communities that lead to lots of different, creative gameplay experiences.

“To do this, our focus will definitely be on open world contents rather than instanced contents. However, this is not to dismiss instances in any way – instances are one of many vital contents that contribute to the diversity found in the world of ArcheAge.”
Social interactions between players would appear to have landed way up on XL Games’ list of priorities as development of ArcheAge continues. Asked what they considered to be the end-game objectives of ArcheAge in its current form, the developer answered.

“MMORPGs are like another reality; it’s a fantasy world where you can do many things that you can’t in real life, but you also meet people and form relationships with them just as you do in reality. I think that playing MMORPGs is about figuring out what you want your role in this world to be, and achieving that. My personal goal is taking over a territory in Auroria with my group, then eventually establishing our own independent nation.”

Archeage March Lastest Updates in Talking

Updates are short but sweet. On Saturday, March 28th, at 1PM Eastern Time, 10AM Pacific Time and 5PM UTC Time, the awesomely fun and talented CohhCarnage will be livestreaming our first Alpha video during his broadcast. If you haven’t had a chance to check him and the Cohhilition out yet, this is a great time to do so. Cohh can be found and all the other great streamers in his Cohhilition can be found here archeage gold.


FYI, Cohh is a former Dark Age of Camelot player and fan. We couldn’t be more excited about what he is doing on Saturday!

Will we see more video streaming sessions with Cohh? Will he be participating in some carnage in Camelot Unchained™? Will he be streaming more Alpha (and beyond) sessions of our game?

Stay tuned, CU & CohhCarnage fans. Same Cohh time, same Cohh channel! 🙂

Other than that, work continues to move along nicely. Here’s some quick highlights:

1) New resumes of senior programmers are beginning to flow into the studio!

2) We are working on our new user-focused roadmap (like the P.A.T. checklist, an inside look at our milestones) for the first stage of Alpha. It probably won’t be ready to publish this week, but who knows?

3) We’ve started work on our next Stretch Goal. If all goes well, it will be an interesting one.

There may be another update on Friday, and possibly another test on Saturday, but we’ve been so focused on getting everything set up for the current stage of Alpha that the bleeding-edge build hasn’t gotten the love it is used to getting from us. We still have two days before Friday is over, so…

No matter what though, check out Cohh’s livestreaming on Saturday here, he’s a great listen and well, if you haven’t been part of our Engine/Tech Alpha testing, here’s a great chance to see the game in action!

ArcheAge Mount Thunder Dash VS Black Arrow

Thunder Dash Thunder Dash is the fastest archeage mount in the game, it evolved from a Stormdarter Stormdarter has a base speed of 11.4 m/s without equip, legendary for its speed, so how to get the fastest mount Thunder Dash?

First, you should has 20000 Honor Points in the games, then go to honor merchant to buy Stormdater with 20K honor points. Stormdarter is a PVP honor mount in ArcheAge.

Put your mount equipment and with the acceleration stone when you are LV50, can make the Stormdarter move speed up to 20.7 + m/s. OK, after you have a honor mount, then go to Honor Point Collector of Gweonid Forest zone in western continent Nuia and receive the “Past the Storm, Now the Thunder” quest to upgrade your Stormdarter.


Purchase a Shining Lightning Essence Shining Lightning Essence material to evolve swift tempest with 30K Honor Points from an Honor Point Collector, and then summon your Stormdarter without any equipment in front of the Honor Point Collector. Last, chat with collector to make Stormdarter become a Thunder Dash, with new abilities and a new appearance, even stronger than before.

So, in simple terms, you get the Stormdarter for 20K, then upgrade this one with another 30K for a total of 50K Honor Points.

Thunder Dash VS Black Arrow

The Thunder Dash is faster than the Black Arrow which obtained by leveling a Bloodstock from Mirage island to level 50, and buying a 500 ArcheAge Gold item to upgrade it into the “Black Arrow”. Base speed for base speed, Thunder Dash is faster. All skills used, Thunder Dash is still faster, and it also gets a much longer speed boost than the Black Arrow does.

Thunder Dash 1

Black Arrow Mount

If you want to say the lance skill of Black Arrow can faster than Thunder Dash, personal do not think so, because you can not use the lance skill and Breakthrough at the same time.The lance skill also need you have a target which it pulls you to, so its usage for speed is less than situational. It also consumes special lances which you need to use Gilda Star to make.

Black Arrow has a skill which provides temporary immunity to stuns, knockdowns, and ranged attacks, but it’s broken and hardly ever works right, so that is useless. So the Thunder Dash is better in every way except for animal type. Below is the Thunder Dash mount.

ArcheAge Thunder Dash

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