Why I don’t think FIFA 16 will be worlds better

With Fifa 16 coming soon, there is a lot of hope things will be fixed from the previous Fifa, and we can get the best Fifa yet. But, looking at the problems, i’m not sure we can hold too much hope.

The impact engine being introduced into Fifa 12 has completely changed the way the game is played, and although it may have some advantages, with it brought a whole host of problems.

Defending is how it is because when you tackle an opponent, the impact engine kicks in and the two players ‘battle’ for the ball, creating players bumping into each other, glitches, unintended fouls, and scrappy play as the ball bounces between legs and the engine can’t keep up.

How many times have you had your own players run into each other, the impact engine deciding both of them must fall over. How many times have you given away fouls WITHOUT pressing a button, just player models colliding and the impact engine doing crazy stuff and giving away fouls.

A classic example of this is the amount of penalties you can given away by simply standing behind the opposition striker as he shoots. As the opposition striker pulls his leg back and begins to bring it forward, his leg can clip your defenders limbs, even if you haven’t pressed tackle. The impact engine registers the contact, sends the striker doing a cartwheel and you give away a foul without pressing a single thing.

This also doesn’t help for fifa 16 goalkeepers (although, the impact engine isn’t entirely to blame here). When the keeper saves a shot but the ball spills out infront of him, all sorts of nonsense can happen when the keeper goes into his post-save animation, such as simply standing up. As the keeper stands up, his leg might connect with the ball, impact engine registers it, and he accidentally kicks the ball into his own net.

It is also terrible when keepers come out for a 1v1, completely destroy the oposition striker without touching the ball, but the game doesn’t register it as a foul. Im pretty sure EA knows its fucked because in previous Fifas keepers could smother balls at lightening pace to prevent collisons happening frequently. With Fifa 15 they tried to rework the keepers so they wouldn’t have to cover for it, and we all have seen how that turned out.

Why I don't think FIFA 16 will be worlds better

I’m not saying the impact engine is the ONLY reason why a Fifa game is bad, but i’m saying it has its hand in most problems. I mean, we’re 4 soon to be 5 iterations of the impact engine in and we STILL have players doing cartwheels after being tackled, weird flips and falls when players bump into another, and a whole host of other shit.

Take one look at youtube of the amount of ‘Fifa Funnies’ and glitch videos, and most are from players doing weird shit because of the impact engine.

For a contrast, PES (which has its own other problems), does a far better job at player impacts because it doesn’t use anything even close to the Fifa impact engine.

And yeah, it can be fixed and tweaked, but as I said we are 4 iterations of it in and it’s still pretty awful.

Source from: http://goo.gl/WtVRRv

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